How To Spell small?

Correct spelling: small

What is the definition of small?

  1. Arteriole.

What does the abbreviation small mean?

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What are the rhymes for small?

  1. aul, paule, faul, rawl, sall, crawl, hall, mall, shaul, drawl, stall, dall, krol, gall, awl, sprawl, call, brawl, tall, squall, ball, maule, saul, paul, mol, thall, spall, wal, maul, wall, gaul, pol, haul, nall, shawl, scrawl, bawl, raul, thrall, all, lall;
  2. metall, befall, forestall, mccall, nepal, appall, enthral, antol, withal, recall, install;
  3. luminol, montreal, senegal;

What are the translations for small?

Arabic word for Small


Chinese words for Small

小, 小型, 很小, 小的, 细小, 孑.

Dutch words for Small

min, fijn, beperkt, piccolo, kleinschalig.

French words for Small

petit, restreint, modeste, jeune, compact, minime, faibles, minuscule, levé, peu nombreux.

German words for Small

gering, klein, schmal, unbedeutend, trivial, Faible, kleingewachsen, banal, kleinwüchsig.

Italian word for Small


Japanese words for Small

小さな, 小さい, 小, 細か, ちいさな, 小幅, プチ, 少, お, 細, さざ, びび, 細ら, 微微, 些, 細小, ほねぼそ, こはば, 狭し, せし, ちょこっと, こまい, 骨細, ひめ, いささ, かろい, プチッ, さざら, プチっ, てぜま.

Javanese word for Small


Malay word for Small


Portuguese words for Small

reduzido, ligeiro, baixo, pouco, fraca, escasso, reduzida, tacanho, estreita, diminuta, ligeira, ligeiras, diminutas, pequeno porte, modesta, restrita, módico, irrisório, nanico.

Romanian word for Small


Russian word for Small


Spanish words for Small

breve, corto, pequeño, limitado, ligero, menudo, bajo, diminuto, insignificante, humilde, modesto, menor, joven, reducido, chico, compacto, nimio, baladí, limitadas.

Swedish word for Small


Ukrainian word for Small


Vietnamese word for Small

nhỏ bé.