How To Spell smoke?

Correct spelling: smoke

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What is the definition of smoke?

  1. a cloud of fine particles suspended in a gas

What does the abbreviation smoke mean?

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What are the usage examples for smoke?

  1. And they tell me that is because of the smoke of the city." – The Princess Pocahontas by Virginia Watson

What are the rhymes for smoke?

  1. folk, boak, koch, poke, oak, yoke, olk, stroke, broke, soak, cloak, coke, doak, yolk, stoke, woke, joke, spoke, wolk, roque, choke, croak, moak, bloke, polk, cloke, wouk;
  2. evoke, provoke, invoke, revoke, baroque, awoke;

What are the translations for smoke?

Arabic word for Smoke


Bengali word for Smoke


Chinese word for Smoke


Dutch words for Smoke

roken, rook, dampen.

French words for Smoke

fumer, griller, fumée.

German words for Smoke

Dampf, selchen, Dunst, Nebel, Rauch, Qualm, rauchen, qualmen, schmöken, Schmok.

Hindi word for Smoke


Italian word for Smoke


Japanese words for Smoke

煙, スモーク, けむり, 烟, もく, いぶる, 燻る, けむ, けぶ, もくる, ふすぶる, くすべる, 燻ぶる, くすぶる, ふすべる, 燻べる.

Javanese word for Smoke


Malay word for Smoke


Norwegian word for Smoke


Polish word for Smoke


Russian words for Smoke

курить, дымиться, коптить.

Spanish words for Smoke

humo, fumar, fumigar, ahumar, humear, echar humo.

Swedish words for Smoke

duman, rök.

Ukrainian word for Smoke