How To Spell blaze?

Correct spelling: blaze

What does the abbreviation blaze mean?


lisp, stutter
Blaze as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Blaze), is a variant of Blaise (Latin), and the meaning of Blaze is "lisp, stutter".

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What are the usage examples for blaze?

  1. The boat was quickly got round, but we had pulled to no great distance before the Frenchmen, reaching the beach, began to blaze away at us. – Paddy Finn by W. H. G. Kingston
  2. Our captain's not the man to desert us, nor Mr Saunders either; and as soon as they know that we're prisoners, they'll be after sending a couple of boats to release us; or maybe they'll bring the frigate round, and blaze away at the brig till they sink her." – Paddy Finn by W. H. G. Kingston
  3. " Blaze away, my lads," cried the captain. – Paddy Finn by W. H. G. Kingston

What are the rhymes for blaze?

  1. glaze, days, hayes, claes, portrays, daze, blaise, slays, malaise, preys, rays, rephrase, crase, sways, cliches, berets, maize, obeys, sprays, nays, today's, mayes, rase, gays, nase, braise, haze, oles, pays, kays, dossiers, hase, sais, gase, dase, clays, faze, defrays, graze, dais, mase, wais, braze, lais, plays, caches, essays, conveys, blase, raze, reappraise, raise, dismays, pais, displays, decays, strays, weighs, grays, maes, mais, maze, bayes, bouquets, ways, phrase, kase, gaze, betrays, brays, chaise, hays, phase, valets, todays, mays, malays, frays, lays, jays, leis, shays, bays, stays, res, praise, cafes, craze, repays, polonaise, lase, surveys, frase, replays, blaize, prays, lyonnaise, delays, baize, blayze, filets, iras, trays;
  2. amaze, allays, ablaze, belays, ballets, appraise, arrays;
  3. cabernets, chevrolets, lyonnais, dismutase;
  4. urokinase;

What are the translations for blaze?

Arabic word for Blaze


Bengali word for Blaze


Chinese word for Blaze


Dutch words for Blaze

vuur, vuurzee, vlammen, uitbarsting, laaien, vlammenzee.

French words for Blaze

marque, blessé, encoche, incendie, flammes, brasier, flamboyer, flamber, fournaise.

German words for Blaze

Brand, branden, Ausbruch, Feuer, Glut, Glanz, Lichtschein, funkeln, Großbrand, Lohe, Flamme, Feuersbrunst, helle Flamme.

Greek word for Blaze


Hindi word for Blaze


Japanese word for Blaze


Javanese word for Blaze


Korean word for Blaze


Malay word for Blaze


Marathi word for Blaze


Norwegian word for Blaze


Polish words for Blaze

blask, ogień.

Portuguese words for Blaze

incêndio, chama.

Romanian word for Blaze


Russian word for Blaze


Spanish words for Blaze

hoguera, fuego, resplandor, llamarada, llama, fulgor.

Swedish word for Blaze


Turkish word for Blaze


Ukrainian word for Blaze


Vietnamese word for Blaze

ngọn lửa.