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How To Spell sun?

Correct spelling: sun

List of misspellings for sun:

  • soono,
  • sauana,
  • sunce,
  • sscan,
  • sunamie,
  • sn,
  • sauan,
  • sudenn,
  • sunto,
  • seaon,
  • suanne,
  • kun,
  • museun,
  • scna,
  • sudin,
  • sunn,
  • sunda,
  • suzy,
  • sopnu,
  • sgn,
  • suran,
  • suh,
  • mun,
  • tsunmi,
  • sugern,
  • suasn,
  • usain,
  • soun,
  • jun3,
  • secin,
  • soutn,
  • wasan,
  • sud,
  • hsawn,
  • scene1,
  • syn,
  • sounth,
  • su,
  • senmi,
  • sseen,
  • suond,
  • sounf,
  • saun,
  • sooni,
  • kuni,
  • swun,
  • cuzen,
  • sceen,
  • spune,
  • sbeen,
  • scena,
  • souind,
  • resun,
  • sut,
  • souing,
  • saund,
  • sunney,
  • scean,
  • sum1,
  • sunnah,
  • sunt,
  • sui,
  • sureon,
  • sauing,
  • surten,
  • sugns,
  • isgn,
  • sugeon,
  • seenn,
  • swhen,
  • sunami,
  • sequen,
  • surfin,
  • sund,
  • stion,
  • souond,
  • ahsan,
  • soone,
  • sur,
  • sus,
  • sunch,
  • snnow,
  • siiue,
  • sinnoh,
  • stunna,
  • syney,
  • seein,
  • sojurn,
  • suana,
  • suin,
  • smany,
  • suny,
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  • se7en,
  • riun,
  • sundy,
  • soosn,
  • usein.

What does the abbreviation sun mean?


Sun as a girl's name.

Related words for sun

Dreamin' Sun


Manga series

Dreamin' Sun is a Japanese slice of life romance shōjo manga series written and illustrated by Ichigo Takano. It was serialized in Shueisha's Bessatsu Margaret manga magazine. It was compiled into 10 volumes published between 2008 and 2011. The manga is published in English by Seven Seas Entertainment.

Kim Wan-sun



Kim Wan-sun is a South Korean singer. Since her sensational debut at the age of 17 in 1986, she has been called the "Madonna/Anita Mui/female Michael Jackson of South Korea" or "the dancing queen of Korean popular music's renaissance era", as she is known for her beauty, clear voice, charismatic stage presence and catchy hits from the mid-1980s through the early 1990s.

Sun Tran


Mass transportation system

Sun Tran is the public transit system serving the city of Tucson, Arizona. Sun Tran services about 20 million passenger trips annually to destinations in and around Tucson.

Sun, Sun, Sun


Album by The Elected

Sun, Sun, Sun is the second album by indie band The Elected, released in 2006 by Sub Pop.

Sun-Hwa Kwon


Fictional character

Sun-Hwa Kwon better known simply as "Sun", is a fictional character on the ABC television series Lost played by Yunjin Kim.

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Quotes for sun:

  1. After every storm the sun will smile; for every problem there is a solution, and the soul's indefeasible duty is to be of good cheer.
  2. Everything has a natural explanation. The moon is not a god, but a great rock, and the sun a hot rock.
  3. Near the sun is the center of the universe.
  4. I don't know anyone who actually likes the dark or night -time. I don't care how much they say it doesn't bother them. That's why we used to huddle in caves and light fires when the sun went down.
  5. I've probably had my day in the sun. I think I've influenced a lot of comic book writers.

Rhymes for sun:

  1. pun, none, gun, nun, un, runt, lunn, kun, one, brun, dun, gunn, shun, mun, fun, brunn, done, hon, grun, ton, in, yun, hun, bunn, won, donne, stun, hyun, jun, lun, son, dunn, dunne, bun, spun, tonne, run, chun;
  2. redone, m1, homerun, c1, outdone, outrun, rerun, undone, begun;
  3. overdone;

Translations for sun:

Afrikaans word for Sun


Arabic word for Sun


Bengali word for Sun


Chinese words for Sun

阳, 曝, 白日, 红日, 阳宗, 太阳.

Dutch word for Sun


French words for Sun

sol, soleil.

German words for Sun

Sole, solar, Sonne.

Greek word for Sun


Japanese words for Sun

太陽, 日, 陽, ソレイユ, 金烏, きんう.

Javanese word for Sun


Korean word for Sun


Malay word for Sun


Marathi word for Sun


Polish word for Sun


Russian word for Sun


Spanish words for Sun

de sol, soare.

Vietnamese word for Sun

mặt trời.