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Correct spelling: turmoil

Definition of turmoil:

  1. Disturbance; tumult; harassing labour.
  2. To harass with commotion; to disquiet.
  3. To be disquieted; to be in commotion.

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Examples of usage for turmoil:

  1. Soon he would be walking a beat in one of the training- camps, with a bugle- call in his ears and the turmoil of thousands of soldiers in the making around him: soon, too, he would be walking the deck of a transport, looking back down the moon- blanched wake of the ship toward home, listening to the mysterious moan of the ocean; and then soon feeling under his feet the soil of a foreign country, with hideous and incomparable war shrieking its shell furies and its man anguish all about him. – The Desert of Wheat by Zane Grey