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How To Spell turmoil?

Correct spelling: turmoil

Definition of turmoil:

  1. disturbance usually in protest

List of misspellings for turmoil:

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Examples of usage for turmoil:

  1. Soon he would be walking a beat in one of the training- camps, with a bugle- call in his ears and the turmoil of thousands of soldiers in the making around him: soon, too, he would be walking the deck of a transport, looking back down the moon- blanched wake of the ship toward home, listening to the mysterious moan of the ocean; and then soon feeling under his feet the soil of a foreign country, with hideous and incomparable war shrieking its shell furies and its man anguish all about him. – The Desert of Wheat by Zane Grey

Translations for turmoil:

Afrikaans word for Turmoil


Chinese words for Turmoil

危机, 风暴, 海啸, 动乱, 扰动, 变乱.

Dutch words for Turmoil

oproer, opschudding, onrust, beroering.

French words for Turmoil

crise, effervescence, troubles, bouleversement, tumulte, turbulence, tourmente, remous, chambardement, chamboulement, tourment, turbulences.

German words for Turmoil

Unruhe, Chaos, Trouble, Turbulenzen, Unruhen, Aufruhr, Wirren, Trubel, Agitation, Wirbel, Umbruch, Tumult, Gewühl.

Hindi word for Turmoil


Italian word for Turmoil


Javanese word for Turmoil


Malay word for Turmoil


Norwegian word for Turmoil


Polish word for Turmoil


Portuguese words for Turmoil

tumulto, tempestade, turbulência, instabilidade, desordem, turbilhão, comoção.

Romanian word for Turmoil


Russian words for Turmoil

волнения, неурядицы, передряги.

Spanish words for Turmoil

desorden, caos, agitación, crisis, turbulencia, disturbios, confusión, alboroto, revuelo, desconcierto, tormenta, inestabilidad, trastornos, convulsiones, descontrol, algarabía.

Swedish word for Turmoil


Tamil word for Turmoil


Vietnamese word for Turmoil

tình trạng hỗn loạn.