How To Spell urbane?

Correct spelling: urbane

 \u-rba-ne, ur-bane\

from the city
Urbane as a boy's name is a variant of Urban (Latin), and the meaning of Urbane is "from the city".

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What are the usage examples for urbane?

  1. Judge Barton leaned far across the table, his eyes gleaming, his rather large, powerful face flushed, all the brute strength of the man dominating the urbane jurist who said clever things in a rich, well- modulated voice. – The Locusts' Years by Mary Helen Fee

What are the rhymes for urbane?

  1. mccain, crane, caine, elaine, grain, zane, fain, wain, brain, humane, ukraine, blaine, main, pertain, crain, duan, regain, bahrain, draine, reign, bayne, spain, germaine, fraine, obtain, duquesne, plane, attain, cane, butane, insane, trane, drain, biscayne, rein, sustain, lorraine, germain, maintain, stain, moraine, demain, cheyne, raine, wayne, cocaine, thaine, slane, dewayne, thane, swain, retain, ayn, dane, remain, lorain, twain, laraine, preordain, kahane, champagne, payne, aine, jayne, arcane, constrain, sain, blayne, charlayne, frane, jane, pane, champlain, domain, profane, ln, kain, rain, vein, charmain, campaign, loraine, jain, contain, gain, ingrain, craine, bain, thayne, frayn, fein, shaine, complain, heyne, sylvain, sane, train, kane, vain, reine, duane, charmaine, feign, mayne, urbain, mcclain, bane, romaine, strain, pain, dwayne, mclean, dayne, jermaine, plain, iain, shayne, shane, crayne, elayne, lain, romain, cain, mundane, duwayne, kaine, spokane, germane, deign, elane, wane, rogaine, champaign, rayne, delaine, disdain, terrain, devane, restrain, blane, paine, hane, tremaine, hussein, chain, ordain, swayne, blain, retrain, layne, fontaine, dain, fane, lane, arraign, sprain, laine, swaine, refrain, detain, maine, explain, vane, hussain, freyne, mane, inane, kayne, frayne, slain, hain, maclean;
  2. again, amain, alaine, allain, alayne, abstain, alain, alane;
  3. entertain, inhumane, aquitaine, ascertain;
  4. legerdemain;

What are the translations for urbane?

Bengali word for Urbane


French word for Urbane


German word for Urbane


Hindi word for Urbane


Italian word for Urbane


Korean word for Urbane

정중 한.

Malay word for Urbane


Polish word for Urbane


Spanish words for Urbane

urbano, fino y cortés.

Swedish word for Urbane


Turkish word for Urbane