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How to Pronounce B?

Correct pronunciation for the word "B" is [bˈiː], [bˈiː], [b_ˈiː].

Definition of B

  1. As a numeral, was used by the Hebrews and Greeks, as now by the Arabians, for 2, by the Romans for 300, and with a dash over it, thus, B for 3,000.
  2. In music, is the designation of the seventh note in the natural diatonic scale of C; it also stands for base, and B. C. for basso continue, or thorough base.
  3. As an abbreviation in writing, generally stands for bachelor, as B.A., bachelor of arts. In B.C., it stands for before. Not to know a B from a bull's foot, to be extremely ignorant.
  4. Is the second letter, and the first consonant in the English as well as most other alphabets. It is a mute and a labial, being formed by pressing the whole length of the lips together, and forcing them open with a strong breath. It has a near affinity with the labial letters P and V. and in some languages is interchanged with them.

Nuttall's Standard dictionary of the English language By Nuttall, P.Austin

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What is the plural form of B?

The plural of the "B" can be the "bs".

What is the singular form of B?

The singular of the "B" can be the "B".

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