How to Pronounce madder?

Correct pronunciation for the word "madder" is [mˈadə], [mˈadə], [m_ˈa_d_ə].

"Madder" in context

Madder, often known botanically as Rubia tinctorum, is a flowering plant that produces a deep red dye. This dye has been used across cultures, continents and centuries as a fabric dye, an ingredient in food coloring, cosmetics and medicine. Madder is a perennial plant which has an extensive root system and can live as long as 5-6 years. Growing madder is particularly suited to Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and parts of Northern Africa, due to its preference for hot and dry climates.

The roots are harvested underground and are the source of the red dye.

What are similar-sounding words for madder?


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