Correct spelling for UPDA

We think the word upda is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for upda

  • ada Ada made no answer, but going into the house where her mother was waiting for her, she exclaimed, Oh, mother, mother, I've seen him!
  • apia Moreover, he succeeded in persuading the folks to come up and be judged on a particular day in Apia.
  • edda Edda heard the question; it showed her that her father had begun to think of Morton in another light than that of a common acquaintance.
  • epa Greece Hellenic Army, Hellenic Navy, Hellenic Air Force (Polemiki Aeroporia, EPA)
  • ida He obeyed her, but his glance started nervously at the sight of Ida Summers.
  • pad Having done that, and tethered him to the iron cramp at the front of the sledge where he had been before, he was going round the horse's quarters to put the breechband and pad straight and cover him with the cloth, but at that moment he noticed that something was moving in the sledge and Nikita's head rose up out of the snow that covered it.
  • pd Fisher, 45 f. , 145 f. , 163. Gieseler, 2d pd., sec. 107, 108, 122-126, 134; 3d pd., sec. 16, 37-40, 44. Gilmartin, i., ch. 24-26.
  • undo From that hour I have never lost sight of them; every sorrow they have undergone has been known to me, and added to my own; and yet I could not, or would not, undo what I had done.
  • up He looked up at me sharply.
  • update Since adding Tiptronic to a semi-automatic transmission involves an additional shift gate into the computer and update to the transmission software, it is inexpensive and lightweight to implement.
  • urdu The literary and polite language of Hindustan, called Urdu or Rekhta, was, and still is, so far common to the whole country, that it everywhere consists of a mixture of the same elements, though in varying proportions; and follows the same grammatical rules, though with different accents and idioms.
  • Upon I shall have to call upon him again."
  • USDA As interpreted by the Linus Pauling Institute, EFSA and the USDA, dietary polyphenols have little or no direct antioxidant food value following digestion.
  • Aida He held out his hand, drawing it back rapidly as the dog Aida made a snap at it. Substituting a long-range leave-taking for the more intimate farewell, he left the room.
  • UPC The Z digit gives the type of the area code: Z=2 and 3 means a landline number; the YX code is 1 (with extra digit for local number) for Bucharest, from 30 to 69 for a county code, and 70 to 79 for non-geographic landline numbers; Z=7 (and possibly 6 in the future) means a mobile number; 070p-xxxxxx numbers are reserved for virtual operators, while 071p-xxxxxx to 079p-xxxxxx are reserved for certain mobile company code Z=8 means either a toll-free (0800-xxxxxx), shared cost, personal numbering, virtual cards, pre-paid cards, or internet dial-up numbers Z=9 means a premium-rate number, like 0900-xxx-xxx; business and financial information and service use 0903-xxx-xxx and adult entertainment use 0906-xxx-xxx Most new landline companies, like UPC Romania (formerly Astral) or Romania Data Systems (RDS), were granted new area codes with Z=3, e.
  • UPI The 1986 NCAA Men's Basketball All-Americans are honorary lists that include All-American selections from the Associated Press (AP), the United States Basketball Writers Association (USBWA), the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC), and United Press International (UPI) for the 1985–86 NCAA Division I mens basketball season.
  • CPD Legislative branch: bicameral National Congress or Congreso Nacional consists of the Senate or Senado (48 seats, 38 elected by popular vote, 9 designated members, and 1 former president who has served a full six-year term and is senator for life); elected members serve eight-year terms (one-half elected every four years) and the Chamber of Deputies or Camara de Diputados (120 seats; members are elected by popular vote to serve four-year terms) election results: Senate - percent of vote by party - NA; seats by party - CPD 20 (PDC 12, PS 5, PPD 3), APC 16 (UDI 9, RN 7), independents 2; Chamber of Deputies - percent of vote by party - NA; seats by party - CPD 62 (PDC 24, PPD 21, PS 11, PRSD 6), UDI 35, RN 22, independent 1 elections: Senate - last held 16 December 2001 (next to be held NA December 2005); Chamber of Deputies - last held 16 December 2001 (next to be held NA December 2005)
  • IPA In the IPA, the two series of linguo-pulmonic affricates may be written ⟨ǃ͡χ⟩ and ⟨ǃ͡ʁ⟩, though with a cluster analysis they would be ⟨ǃq͡χ⟩ and ⟨ǃɢ͡ʁ⟩.
  • UPS Silence held the grown-ups.
  • PTA The involvement of attention in such a vast array of cognitive processes has led to the suggestion that attentional deficit may act as an underlying factor in the range of cognitive deficits observed in patients experiencing post-traumatic amnesia (PTA).
  • IPAD On 11 November 2011, Apparatjik released their second album, Square Peg In A Round Hole, as a free iPad application.
  • Gupta At the request of the people of Karimganj Mr. J. M. Sen Gupta went there and wired to the Traffic Manager to withdraw the unjustifiable order of the local Station Master.

4 words made from the letters upda

3 letter words made from upda:

pud, pad, adp.

4 letter words made from upda:


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