How to Pronounce reek?

Correct pronunciation for the word "reek" is [ɹˈiːk], [ɹˈiːk], [ɹ_ˈiː_k].

"Reek" in context

Reek is a word used to refer to a strong, unpleasant smell that is hard to ignore. It is often a sign of contamination or rot. Reek is most closely associated with decaying organic matter that has seeped into an environment, such as sewage in standing water, spoiled food, and other putrid smells. In some instances, the smell could be related to the release of pungent gases from buildings, factories, or areas impacted by smoke. As a verb, it is frequently used to describe the smell of something bad, such as "He reeked of stale sweat." Reek is also synonymous with stink.


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