How to Pronounce saute?

Correct pronunciation for the word "saute" is [sˈɔːte͡ɪ], [sˈɔːte‍ɪ], [s_ˈɔː_t_eɪ].

"Saute" in context

Saute is a classic cooking technique that is used to quickly cook food on a high heat while stirring frequently. To saute, you will typically heat a small amount of oil or butter in a skillet and add the ingredients to be cooked. You will stir or toss the food rapidly in the pan to ensure that the food cooks evenly.

Sauteing is one of the most versatile cooking techniques since it can be used with a wide variety of food, including vegetables, proteins, and grains. Sauteing also helps to bring out the natural flavors of food as the food browns and caramelizes.


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