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How To Spell boar?

Correct spelling: boar

Definition of boar:

  1. an uncastrated male hog

List of misspellings for boar:

  • bashar,
  • booard,
  • beauru,
  • boaard,
  • boqae,
  • baove,
  • bdoor,
  • boak,
  • boeer,
  • begar,
  • boher,
  • boad,
  • boarde,
  • abour,
  • beaura,
  • voir,
  • bonr,
  • boaord,
  • yoaur,
  • bbal,
  • boardd,
  • beear,
  • nabour,
  • badar,
  • bearu,
  • woar,
  • 3mbar,
  • poar,
  • 26bfor,
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  • boday,
  • byher,
  • woah,
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  • brair.

What does the abbreviation boar mean?

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Beeston Towers



Beeston Towers is a former country house near the village of Beeston, Cheshire, England. It stands on the A49 road some 1 mile to the east of the village. It was built in 1886 for John Naylor, a timber merchant from Warrington. Extensive additions were made in the early part of the 20th century. The building is timber-framed, with additions in rendered brick. It is in three storeys, with a tower of four storeys. It is recorded in the National Heritage List for England as a designated Grade II listed building. During the 20th century the building was converted into use as a school.

Central Asian boar


The Central Asian boar is a small long maned subspecies of wild boar indigenous to Southeastern Iran, Pakistan and Northwest India.

In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson


Novel by Bette Bao Lord

In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson is a children's novel by Bette Bao Lord and illustrator Marc Simont about a young girl named Shirley Temple Wong who leaves a secure life within her clan in China following World War II.

Maremman boar


The Maremman boar is a subspecies of wild boar native to Maremma in Central Italy. It is much smaller than the Central European boar and the two subspecies have been interbred on farms.

Solomon Namliit Boar


Ghanaian Politician

Solomon Namliit Boar is a Ghanaian politician and a Member of Parliament of the Parliament of Ghana. He is a member of the New Patriotic Party and the Deputy Regional Minister of the Northern Region of Ghana.

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Rhymes for boar:

  1. orr, mazor, lore, more, corr, dior, door, sedor, thor, wor, igor, dorr, lahore, porr, glor, shore, lor, postwar, underscore, inshore, rapport, hoar, d'or, bohr, sore, outpour, moore, gorr, goar, torr, cohr, soar, snore, flor, outscore, oar, score, roar, senor, vore, or, floor, torre, gore, spore, ignore, boer, coar, ohr, flore, sor, explore, wore, your, chore, nohr, warr, bore, schnorr, tore, morr, yore, tor, laure, pore, four, mor, drawer, corps, gabor, dore, m4, pour, ore, store, prewar, saur, war, implore, scor, swore, ngor, core, livor, mohr, loar, deplore, lenore, glore, nor, hardcore, por, galore, offshore, fore, cor, timor, restore, laur;
  2. ashore, decor, ador, cat-4, c4, abhor, adore, before, afore, bator, amour;
  3. guarantor, antiwar, livermore, heretofore, anymore;

Translations for boar:

Afrikaans word for Boar


Arabic word for Boar


Bengali word for Boar

বন্য শূকর.

Chinese word for Boar


French words for Boar

sanglier, verrat.

German words for Boar

vier, Wildschwein, Eber, Keiler.

Greek word for Boar


Hindi word for Boar


Italian word for Boar


Japanese word for Boar


Korean word for Boar


Malay word for Boar

Babi hutan.

Marathi word for Boar


Norwegian words for Boar

galt, villsvin.

Polish word for Boar


Portuguese word for Boar


Spanish words for Boar

cerdo, jabalí, verraco, Babi.

Tamil word for Boar


Turkish word for Boar


Vietnamese word for Boar