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How To Spell mien?

Correct spelling: mien

What are the misspellings for mien ?

  • momen,
  • maken,
  • minne,
  • mishun,
  • meeny,
  • wommen,
  • miney,
  • meony,
  • midn,
  • meint,
  • mynew,
  • minny,
  • moing,
  • mayen,
  • monewy,
  • meeing,
  • vien,
  • moeney,
  • minin,
  • moeny,
  • mied,
  • minee,
  • minue,
  • wumen,
  • minum,
  • musian,
  • mvign,
  • moneny,
  • kien,
  • museun,
  • wiman,
  • mvie,
  • minnd,
  • magen,
  • mosion,
  • imune,
  • bien,
  • mener,
  • menow,
  • tmean,
  • famiene,
  • remein,
  • mienr,
  • vieman,
  • immuen,
  • mckenny,
  • mhen,
  • mine,
  • miane,
  • mirena,
  • 2min,
  • morne,
  • rien,
  • miund,
  • mufin,
  • ameen,
  • midden,
  • simen,
  • mdern,
  • miand,
  • madien,
  • minner,
  • monny,
  • mtoion,
  • menua,
  • 25man,
  • minni,
  • mairne,
  • 5min,
  • mieans,
  • moern,
  • wien,
  • maden,
  • miind,
  • motern,
  • dien,
  • mein,
  • moden,
  • miek,
  • mucian,
  • meniu,
  • meian,
  • misoun,
  • momeny,
  • meeitn,
  • milin,
  • moion,
  • rmeian,
  • minow,
  • imun,
  • masen,
  • ioen,
  • machien,
  • movign,
  • maiin,
  • meaan,
  • moneu,
  • womein,
  • mreo,
  • moven.

What is the definition of mien?

  1. External appearance; look; carriage; demeanour.

What does the abbreviation mien mean?


Mien as a girl's name.

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This graph shows how "mien" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the quotes for mien?

  1. Genius, like truth, has a shabby and neglected mien.
  2. For truth has such a face and such a mien, as to be loved needs only to be seen.
  3. Vice is a creature of such hideous mien... that the more you see it the better you like it.

What are the rhymes for mien?

  1. lean, spleen, lien, cian, mean, lene, keane, greene, nene, plein, freen, kean, deane, screen, mclean, wean, teen, gene, gean, treen, leen, jean, queen, skene, wien, deen, frean, clean, jeanne, wein, breen, meine, sheen, keene, steen, keen, green, jeane, dean, haen, bean, scene, preen, seen, glean;
  2. aileen, eugene, pauline, shirleen, moreen, colleen, maxine, claudine, vaccine, serene, baleen, lurleen, latrine, doreen, coleen, celine, sabine, sunscreen, georgine, ravine, ireene, medin, sixteen, ameen, marine, charleen, philene, cathleen, crimean, demean, machine, citrine, aleen, kathleen, corinne, nadine, charlene, aldin, unseen, onscreen, jolene, justine, helene, killeen, agin, seguin, wileen, francine, sarene, foreseen, saline, charline, eileen, fifteen, levine, christine, cuisine, maureen, eighteen, unclean, salin, alene, noreen, moline, thirteen, joaquin, obscene, sardine, amin, casein, deneen, janine, irene, preteen, laureen, sharleen, martine, sistine, clymene, lorene, benzene, ardeen, selene, canteen, kristine, marleene, marleen, fourteen, umpteen, nineteen, slovene, feldene, arleen, between, jeanine, marcin, laurene, chretien, lamine, myrlene, careen, carleen, racine, caffeine, convene;
  3. propylene, halloween, bernadine, gelatine, benyamin, hallowe'en, seventeen, wolverine, reconvene, unforeseen, intervene, trampoline, tambourine, submarine, geraldine, augustin, figurine, madelene, valentin, smithereen, tangerine;
  4. mujahedeen, mujahideen, aquamarine;

What are the translations for mien?

Bengali word for Mien


French word for Mien


German words for Mien

Mine, Miene.

Hindi word for Mien

चेहरे का भाव.

Italian word for Mien


Korean word for Mien


Marathi word for Mien


Portuguese word for Mien


Turkish word for Mien


Ukrainian word for Mien

вираз обличчя.

Vietnamese word for Mien

vẻ người.