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How To Spell nativity?

Correct spelling: nativity

List of misspellings for nativity:

  • notivied,
  • notifty,
  • naivty,
  • naievity,
  • ndividually,
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  • negitavity,
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Related words for nativity

Cathedral of the Nativity, Suceava


Cathedral in Suceava, Romania

The Cathedral of the Nativity is a Romanian Orthodox church in Suceava, Romania. It is located in Mărășești-Zamca district, near the city center, on a plateau on Zamca Hill, dominating the skyline of the city.

Nativity High School


School in Detroit, Michigan

Nativity of Our Lord High School, commonly called Nativity High School, was established in Detroit, Michigan in 1914. The Dominican Sisters from Racine, Wisconsin and one lay person taught at the school.

Nativity of Our Lady Cathedral, Bang Nok Khwaek


Cathedral in Bang Nok Kwaek, Thailand

The Nativity of Our Lady Cathedral is the name given to a religious building of the Catholic Church which is located in Bang Nok Khwaek, in the district of Bang Khonthi, province of Samut Songkhram in the central part of the Asian country of Thailand.

Nativity of Our Lord Catholic Church, Chicago


Catholic church in Chicago, Illinois

Nativity of Our Lord Catholic Church is one of the oldest churches in Chicago, Illinois, founded in 1868. The church was designed by noted architect Patrick Keely, an architectural designer prominent throughout the 19th century.

Nativity of Our Lord Catholic School


Private school in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Nativity of Our Lord Catholic School is located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States. It is a private and Catholic K-8 grade school. Since 1975, the school has hosted a "county fair." Rides are brought in and school volunteers run the fair. The school was founded in 1928 and has expanded over the years, the most recent time being in 2008. A large renovation, including the new library and new entrance way were added that year.

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Quotes for nativity:

  1. One's nativity is not of his own choosing, but whatever it may be, it is entitled to respect; and all nations have honorable place in the world's family.
  2. The Supreme Court has ruled that they cannot have a nativity scene in Washington, D. C. This wasn't for any religious reasons. They couldn't find three wise men and a virgin.
  3. Really, at a time when they're debating when and where a nativity scene can be used, this is the kind of stuff we need to have out there- outside of the church.

Translations for nativity:

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Bengali word for Nativity

যিশুর জন্ম.

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