How To Spell personal?

Correct spelling: personal

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What are the rhymes for personal?

  1. impersonal;
  2. interpersonal;

What are the translations for personal?

Afrikaans word for Personal


Arabic word for Personal


Chinese words for Personal

人身, 私, 私房, 私自, 私人的.

Dutch words for Personal

persoonlijk, individueel, persoons-, persoonlijk.

French words for Personal

personnel, particulier, intime, confidentiel, propre, individuel, propres.

German words for Personal

persönlich, personenbezogen, privat, personal, personengebunden, eigenhändig, eigen.

Greek word for Personal


Italian words for Personal

privato, personale, individuale.

Japanese words for Personal

個人的, パーソナル, 私的, 対人, マイ, 人称, 自家, じきひ, にんしょう, じきじき, こじんてき, 直披, してき, じんてき, ちょくひ.

Javanese word for Personal


Malay word for Personal


Polish words for Personal

osobisty, osobowy, własny, prywatny, na gruncie osobistym.

Portuguese words for Personal

pessoal, íntimo, própria, individuais, pessoais, privada, personalizada, humanos, corporais, individualizada.

Russian word for Personal


Spanish words for Personal

propio, personalizado, individual, particular, privado, personales.

Swedish word for Personal


Turkish word for Personal


Ukrainian word for Personal