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Spell Check of Piet

Correct spelling: Piet


Definition of Piet:

  1. A magpie.

Piet \piet\

Piet as a boy's name is a variant of Peter (Greek), and the meaning of Piet is "rock".
Pete, Pitt, Pat.

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Examples of usage for Piet:

  1. Young Piet sighed heavily and thought of his rheim bed at home, and then of the little mother. "Tales from the Veld" , Ernest Glanville.
  2. Young Piet stared at the big man, then glanced back up Zunguin's rock- rimmed summit, and saw tiny dark figures like ants hurrying amid the huge rocks. "Tales from the Veld" , Ernest Glanville.
  3. " I will be still," said Piet, quietly. "Tales from the Veld" , Ernest Glanville.

Rhymes for Piet:

  1. abet, amit, anette, annett, annette, arlette, arnett, arnette, bridgette, compete, complete, conceit, concrete, deceit, defeat, delete, deplete, diet, discreet, discrete, downbeat, effete, elite, excrete, gamete, guyot, hiatt, hyatt, miot, mistreat, offbeat, petite, quiet, receipt, repeat, replete, retreat, riot, secrete, unseat, wiatt, wyatt.
  2. anisette, antoinette, baronet, bernadette, calumet, cigarette, clarinet, disquiet, incomplete, indiscreet, marguerite, marquerite, noncompete, uncomplete.
  3. babette, barbette, barnett, barrette, bassette, beat, beet, beget, bernet, beset, bet, bett, bleat, bonnette, boulet, bret, brett, brevet, brunet, brunette, burdette, burnett, cadet, cassette, cheat, chet, chevrette, clarette, claudette, cleat, colette, collette, cornet, coronet, corvette, cosette, cossette, crete, debt, diskette, dorette, doucet, duet, eat, ellette, et, falconet, fayette, feat, feet, fett, fette, flageolet, fleet, fleurette, forget, fret, frett, garnette, gazette, gelette, georgette, get, gillette, greet, grete, gwinnett, heat, henriette, hett, hugette, hughette, idette, intermet, irvette, janette, jeanette, jeannette, jennette, jet, jett, jette, jfet, joette, jolette, josette, juliette, junette, kitchenette, lafayette, laurette, lavette, leet, let, lett, linette, lisette, lorette, louisette, lucette, luncheonette, lurette, lynette, manette, marette, margette, mariette, marlette, marquette, meat, meet, met, mete, mette, minaret, minette, minuet, nanette, neat, neet, nellette, net, nett, nicolet, nicolette, ninette, octet, odette, offset, olivette, ornette, paulette, payette, peat, peet, peete, pet, pete, pett, pierette, pipette, pirouette, pleat, preset, pret, quartet, quintet, regret, reset, ret, rhett, rillette, rochette, rosette, roulette, sarette, seat, set, sextet, sheet, silhouette, skeat, skeet, sleet, smet, sobriquet, st, statuette, stet, street, suffragette, suite, susette, suzette, sweat, sweet, tagamet, teat, teet, tet, tete, threat, tibet, tourette, treat, tweet, unmet, unset, upset, vedette, veit, vet, viet, vignette, villette, violette, wet, wheat, whet, willamette, willette, wilmette, wynette, yet, yevette, yvette.
  4. cabriolet.
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