How To Spell pressure?

Correct spelling: pressure

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What is the definition of pressure?

  1. the act of pressing; the exertion of pressure; "he gave the button a press"; "he used pressure to stop the bleeding"; "at the pressing of a button"

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What are the rhymes for pressure?

  1. thresher, cheshire, fresher, flesher;
  2. refresher;

What are the translations for pressure?

Arabic word for Pressure


Chinese words for Pressure

压, 气压, 压力, 压强, 偪, 硬逼, 压力.

Dutch words for Pressure

druk, belasting, aandrang, pressie.

German words for Pressure

Belastung, Spannung, Zwang, Druck, Drang, Dringlichkeit, Pression, Überdruck, Stress.

Greek word for Pressure


Italian word for Pressure


Japanese words for Pressure

圧力, 圧, プレッシャー, 圧迫, 強圧, 抑え, 圧搾, 締め付け, 押さえ, 切迫, あっぱく, あつりょく, おさえ, せっぱく, 締付, 無理強い, 締付け, はたらきかけ, 押え, むりじい, あっさく, きょうあつ, しめつけ, あっ搾, 働き掛け.

Korean word for Pressure


Malay word for Pressure


Marathi word for Pressure


Norwegian word for Pressure


Polish words for Pressure

nacisk, ciśnienie, ucisk, docisk, presja.

Portuguese words for Pressure

instância, pressões, premência.

Romanian word for Pressure


Russian words for Pressure

напор, зажатие.

Spanish words for Pressure

fuerza, obligar, presionar, instar, empuje, insistencia.

Swedish word for Pressure


Turkish word for Pressure


Vietnamese word for Pressure

áp suất.