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What are the rhymes for reply?

  1. phy, cy, thai, thigh, lie, brye, sky, mai, mei, pi, wye, kwai, fye, chi, shy, nye, tai, fry, spry, lxi, gae, buy, pri, spy, dai, bi, wai, sri, pye, hi, kyi, my, vie, thy, kai, eye, sci, ngai, hy, ply, dye, cry, chai, tsai, aye, guy, sigh, wy, jai, flye, frye, wry, high, sai, fae, vi, tie, pae, yie, pie, pty, ay, tye, cai, vy, keye, rye, sty, dry, ai, lye, sy, chae, shai, nigh, fly, bligh, gyi, bly, tae, sly, bye, ly, bae, why, lai, phi, psi, try, fi, by, pry, nie, ty, die;
  2. alai, good-bye, brunei, hereby, descry, versailles, uy, awry, kanai, comply, untie, whereby, july, imply, retry, belie, nearby, mcfly, shanghai, defy, thereby, hi-fi, bye-bye, imai, apply, rely, deny, iwai, dubai, bonsai, ally, mihai, decry, standby, goodbye, supply;
  3. underlie, resupply, overfly, misapply, dui;
  4. isty, oversupply, cspi;
  5. dwi;

What are the translations for reply?

Arabic word for Reply


Chinese words for Reply

回信, 回应, 质询, 答应, 应答, 回话, 反应.

Dutch words for Reply

antwoord, reactie, antwoorden, respons, weerwoord, reageren, beantwoorden, repliek.

French words for Reply

répondre, répliquer.

German words for Reply

Bescheid, Antwort, Beantwortung, Erwiderung, antworten, erwidern, beantworten, entgegnen, Gegendarstellung, Rückantwort, Antwortschreiben, Replik, Rückäußerung, Zuschrift, entgegenhalten.

Italian word for Reply


Japanese words for Reply

応答, 返信, 回答, 返答, 返事, リプライ, 応え, 答弁書, へんとう, かえりこと, こたえ, おうとう, いいかえし, うけこたえ, とうべんしょ, へんしょ, へんしん, 返詞, 言返し, 回報, かえり, 返書, あいさつ, 受け答え, 返り事, へんし, かいとう, 返辞, いらえ, 復答, 返り言, とうべん, とうしん, 答弁, 言い返し, 答申, ふくとう.

Javanese word for Reply


Malay word for Reply


Polish words for Reply

odpowiedź, odzew, replika.

Portuguese word for Reply


Russian words for Reply

дать ответ, реагировать, ответное сообщение, ответный сигнал, отвечать на возражение.

Spanish words for Reply

responder, replicar, respuesta, contestar.

Swedish word for Reply


Turkish word for Reply