How To Spell route?

Correct spelling: route

What is the definition of route?

  1. an established line of travel or access

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What are the rhymes for route?

  1. stout, stroot, coot, spout, newt, butte, out, crout, pout, truitt, huette, fout, cute, loot, clout, gout, doubt, grout, scoot, lout, hoot, fruit, suit, chute, trout, drought, rout, lute, root, knute, kraut, sprout, brute, bout, boot, strout, mute, shoot, tout, moot, jute, scout, bute, toot, snout, flout, shute, shout, brut, boote, flute;
  2. compute, cahoot, about, recruit, throughout, without, dilute, acute, devout, minute, repute, salute, reroute, impute, redoubt, refute, uproot, beirut, dispute, commute, astute, pollute, pursuit, permute, all-out;
  3. disrepute, subacute;

What are the translations for route?

Afrikaans word for Route


Bengali word for Route


Chinese words for Route

途, 路线.

Dutch words for Route

sturen, traject, verzenden, zenden, doorsturen.

French words for Route

diriger, acheminer.

German words for Route

Weg, leiten, Strecke, Kurs, Verlauf, Verbindung, steuern, via, Trasse, Trakt, lotsen, senden, leiden, Pfad, Wegstrecke, Route, Reiseroute, Fahrweg, Linie, Richtung, Rute, Fluglinie, Marschroute, Verkehrsweg, Fahrtstrecke, Flugstrecke, Fahrstrecke, Leitweg.

Greek word for Route


Japanese words for Route

路線, 道順, 進路, かよいじ, ろせん, 通い路, いきかた, 工順, 行き方, えんろ, ゆきかた, 沿路, こうじゅん, みちじゅん.

Korean word for Route


Malay word for Route


Norwegian word for Route


Polish words for Route

szlak, trasa, linia, marszruta.

Portuguese words for Route

trilha, caminho, rota, estrada, itinerário, trajeto, encaminhar, roteiro, percurso, rumo, trajecto, rotear.

Romanian word for Route


Russian words for Route

маршрутный, направить.

Spanish words for Route

enviar, dirigir, ruta, trayectoria, curso, viaje, camino, recorrido, circuito, trayecto, rumbo, mandar, senda, carretera, encaminar, droga.

Swedish word for Route


Vietnamese word for Route

tuyến đường.