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How To Spell transplant?

Correct spelling: transplant

Definition of transplant:

  1. in surgery

List of misspellings for transplant:

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  • transluent,
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Quotes for transplant:

  1. More than 100 people are involved in a transplant operation... and we can't waste time and resources if there is a chance the caretakers aren't up for an awesome responsibility.
  2. It is infinitely better to transplant a heart than to bury it to be devoured by worms.
  3. We have created a new demonstration program to allow families with a sick child who could be helped with a cord blood transplant from a sibling to bank cord blood from newborns should they decide to have another child.
  4. This is a year and a few months after the transplant. Before I had it my doctors told me that it would be the biggest thing that I ever had to face and believe me, when they take your liver out of ya and put another one in it's like replacing a football in your stomach.
  5. I was on dialysis for 18 months before the transplant, so it was important I tried to look ahead to days like my comeback this Saturday. You need those big goals to drive you on.

Rhymes for transplant:

  1. plant, cant, pant, kant, lant, trant, gantt, chant, gant, aunt, stant, slant, ant, grant, plante, zant, tant, scant, brant, quant, can't, fant, rant, brandt;
  2. levant, enchant, decant, implant, recant, pedant, supplant, replant;
  3. disenchant;

Translations for transplant:

Afrikaans word for Transplant


Arabic word for Transplant

زَرْعُ الَأعْضَاء.

Bengali word for Transplant

অন্যত্র স্থাপন করা.

Dutch word for Transplant


French word for Transplant


German word for Transplant


Greek word for Transplant


Italian word for Transplant


Javanese word for Transplant


Malay word for Transplant


Marathi word for Transplant


Norwegian word for Transplant


Polish word for Transplant


Portuguese word for Transplant


Romanian word for Transplant


Russian word for Transplant

пересадка органа или ткани.

Spanish word for Transplant


Turkish word for Transplant


Ukrainian word for Transplant


Vietnamese word for Transplant

sự cấy ghép.