How To Spell vital?

Correct spelling: vital

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What does the abbreviation vital mean?


Vital as a boy's name is a variant of Vito (Latin), and the meaning of Vital is "life-giving".

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This graph shows how "vital" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the rhymes for vital?

  1. lytle, title;
  2. recital, entitle;

What are the translations for vital?

Afrikaans word for Vital


Arabic word for Vital


Chinese word for Vital


Dutch words for Vital

belangrijk, fundamenteel, wezenlijk, cruciaal, essentieel, vitaal, nodig, onmisbaar, onontbeerlijk, noodzakelijk.

French words for Vital

important, fondamental, incontournable, indispensable, capital, essentiel, central, crucial, indispensables.

German words for Vital

wichtig, wesentlich, grundlegend, kritisch, essentiell, unverzichtbar, notwendig, unentbehrlich, lebenswichtig, essenziell, lebensnotwendig, vital, lebendig, entscheidend, überlebenswichtig, überlebensnotwendig, hochwichtig, lebenserhaltend, fundamental, Determinante, primordial.

Italian word for Vital


Korean word for Vital


Malay word for Vital


Marathi word for Vital


Polish words for Vital

istotny, kluczowy, ważny, żywotny, konieczny, zasadniczy, nieodzowny, życiowy, witalny.

Spanish words for Vital

importante, necesario, esencial, decisivo, imprescindible, sumo, imperativo, esenciales, vitales.

Swedish word for Vital


Turkish word for Vital


Ukrainian word for Vital

життєво важливий.

Vietnamese word for Vital

sống còn.