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How To Spell yet?

Correct spelling: yet

List of misspellings for yet:

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  • lyied,
  • yauht,
  • hyat,
  • yummt,
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What does the abbreviation yet mean?


Yet as a girl's name.

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Rhymes for yet:

  1. upset, nellette, marette, beset, clarette, met, boulet, nicolette, marquette, jette, brevet, tagamet, dorette, bet, jennette, sextet, susette, wet, get, irvette, pret, ninette, quartet, lynette, nett, tete, suffragette, coronet, vedette, olivette, joette, jeannette, fret, suzette, bonnette, rochette, roulette, fette, whet, jfet, ornette, cornet, yvette, kitchenette, unset, laurette, rosette, barbette, henriette, lavette, cossette, hughette, wynette, hugette, willamette, minaret, diskette, fayette, jet, brett, barnett, forget, sobriquet, stet, viet, margette, burnett, vet, fleurette, lisette, jolette, quintet, georgette, collette, linette, marlette, burdette, babette, ellette, tibet, minette, brunet, vignette, garnette, wilmette, claudette, idette, tet, colette, let, bernet, lett, cadet, smet, unmet, junette, bret, corvette, frett, bassette, gelette, threat, octet, mette, ret, chevrette, juliette, lafayette, minuet, et, villette, barrette, sarette, cassette, silhouette, payette, nicolet, set, doucet, sweat, net, willette, statuette, intermet, paulette, brunette, gillette, gazette, manette, beget, lorette, chet, lucette, luncheonette, duet, violette, gwinnett, rillette, pirouette, yevette, hett, pet, jeanette, odette, rhett, janette, piet, falconet, lurette, jett, flageolet, debt, regret, nanette, mariette, bett, pipette, preset, louisette, pett, josette, tourette, reset, offset, pierette, fett, cosette;
  2. annette, abet, arnett, arnette, arlette, anette, annett;
  3. calumet, anisette, baronet, clarinet, cigarette, antoinette, bernadette;
  4. cabriolet;

Translations for yet:

Afrikaans word for Yet


Arabic word for Yet

حَتَّى الآن.

Dutch words for Yet

maar, toch, niettemin, nog altijd.

French words for Yet

cependant, pourtant, toutefois, encore, or.

German words for Yet

allerdings, trotzdem, dennoch, zugleich, schon, doch, bislang, bisher, nichtsdestotrotz, Mais.

Greek word for Yet


Hindi word for Yet

अभी तक.

Italian words for Yet

ancora, tuttavia, eppure.

Javanese word for Yet


Malay word for Yet


Marathi word for Yet


Norwegian word for Yet


Polish word for Yet


Portuguese words for Yet

ainda, contudo, embora, no entanto.

Russian words for Yet

пока что, между тем.

Spanish words for Yet

al, ma, todavía, pero, entretanto.