How to Pronounce debar?

Correct pronunciation for the word "debar" is [dɪbˈɑː], [dɪbˈɑː], [d_ɪ_b_ˈɑː].

"Debar" in context

Debar is a term that refers to the exclusion of someone from a particular activity or privilege. It is often used in legal contexts to mean exclusion from an activity or group as a disciplinary measure. In the legal context, de-barment often applies to lawyers and other legal professionals who have committed unethical or criminal acts. It can also refer to non-legal contexts, such as when universities de-bar an applicant for having an inadequate academic record.

In business and finance, de-barment is a form of punishment used to penalize an individual or company that has violated a particular set of rules or standards.


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