How to Pronounce ecc?

Correct pronunciation for the word "ecc" is [ˈɛk], [ˈɛk], [ˈɛ_k].

What are the misspellings for ecc?

  • 3ecc,
  • 3cc,
  • evcc,
  • e cc,
  • ekc,
  • egc,
  • escc,
  • eccv,
  • e3cc,
  • ecvc,
  • ecfc,
  • secc,
  • ecs,
  • ewcc,
  • ercc,
  • efcc,
  • eccd,
  • wecc,
  • eecc,
  • eccc,
  • e4cc,
  • recc,
  • ecxc,
  • excc,
  • 4ecc,
  • ecdc,
  • edcc,
  • eca,
  • ecballium elateriu m,
  • ec c,
  • eccx,
  • mcc,
  • eccf

"Ecc" in context

Ecc (Error Correction Code) is a type of technology used for detecting and correcting errors that occur during data transmission or storage. It works by adding redundant data to the original data stream in order to detect and correct any errors that might have occurred during transmission. The data that is added is often referred to as an error-correction code and it is specifically designed to identify errors and then reconstruct the data correctly. ECC is used in many different types of communication systems, such as wireless networks, cellular networks, and satellites. It is also commonly used in hard drives, memory cards, and other electronic componentry.

What are similar-sounding words for ecc?


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