How to Pronounce mare?

Correct pronunciation for the word "mare" is [mˈe͡ə], [mˈe‍ə], [m_ˈeə].

What are the misspellings for mare?

"Mare" in context

Mares are horses that are female. They are usually bigger and more good-natured than male horses, known as stallions. Mares can easily be identified by their larger size and head shape, as well as their gentler, more submissive nature. Depending on the breed, mares can be used for chores such as plowing, racing, and dressage. While mares are often thought of as the gentler, calmer sex, they can also display some stallion-like characteristics, such as the occasional lazy attitude when not provided enough exercise.

Mares are generally very intelligent and have good memories.

What are similar-sounding words for mare?


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