How to Pronounce MOTES?

Correct pronunciation for the word "MOTES" is [mˈə͡ʊts], [mˈə‍ʊts], [m_ˈəʊ_t_s].

What are the misspellings for MOTES?

"MOTES" in context

MOTES are tiny particles suspended in the air we breathe, such as dust, pollen, smoke, and dead skin cells. They range in size from 0.001 to 0.2 mm, or about 200 times smaller than the diamater of a human hair. As such, motes are too small to be seen without the use of a microscope.

Motes often pose a health risk, as they can be inhaled into the lungs and accumulate there. Some motes, such as dust and pollen, can irritate the airways, while others may even contain pathogens.

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