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How To Spell burned?

Correct spelling: burned

Definition of burned:

  1. hardened by subjecting to intense heat; "baked bricks"; "burned bricks"

List of misspellings for burned:

  • buzed,
  • behnid,
  • runed,
  • biund,
  • bornt,
  • turnned,
  • buuena,
  • burnd,
  • runned,
  • begined,
  • burnner,
  • tturned,
  • beend,
  • bonned,
  • tuerned,
  • journed,
  • buner,
  • barganed,
  • baned,
  • leaurned,
  • buned,
  • lurnd,
  • burne,
  • burnig,
  • bauuried,
  • burrned,
  • bneed,
  • bussinedd,
  • abnned,
  • bernad,
  • boyfirned,
  • boyriend,
  • bhiend,
  • burdend,
  • burno,
  • beganed,
  • abboned,
  • braned,
  • bownsed,
  • buisnedd,
  • buaried,
  • burninged,
  • burderned,
  • erned,
  • butner,
  • burnded,
  • aerned,
  • thurned,
  • bumed,
  • binde,
  • curnet,
  • bonde,
  • berndt,
  • burgendy,
  • burnde,
  • eurned,
  • burnets,
  • burnette,
  • burshed,
  • journeied,
  • guned,
  • buriend,
  • journied,
  • burnden,
  • burnes,
  • bargined,
  • burdoned,
  • bournemotuh,
  • buyed,
  • abund,
  • reurned,
  • bruied,
  • behined,
  • bewarned,
  • bargened,
  • buryed,
  • bargend,
  • birtney,
  • barnd,
  • subourned,
  • bruned,
  • bundt,
  • bannned,
  • bureid,
  • barnded,
  • burnard,
  • beoned,
  • burroed,
  • bouncd,
  • burn't,
  • burnie,
  • butonned,
  • baund,
  • cebernet,
  • benied,
  • urned,
  • bunned,
  • airborned,
  • burnley,
  • burged.

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Fire of Manisa


The Fire of Manisa refers to the burning of the town of Manisa, Turkey which started on the night of Tuesday 5 September 1922 and continued until 8 September.

Godhra train burning



The Godhra train burning was an incident that occurred on the morning of 27 February 2002, in which 59 people died in a fire inside the Sabarmati Express train near the Godhra railway station in the Indian state of Gujarat.

Koichi Kato


Japanese Politician

Koichi Kato was a Japanese politician who held a seat in the House of Representatives in the National Diet for 13 terms between 1972 and 2012 as a member of the Liberal Democratic Party.

Lachine massacre


The Lachine massacre, part of the Beaver Wars, occurred when 1,500 Mohawk warriors attacked by surprise the small, 375-inhabitant, settlement of Lachine, New France, at the lower end of Montreal Island on the morning of August 5, 1689.

Wells Tower


American writer

Wells Tower is an American writer of short stories and non-fiction. In 2009 he published his first short story collection, Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned to much critical acclaim.

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Quotes for burned:

  1. Sometimes I feel as if four thousand years of silencing women, of the fear of women who were burned in oil or eviscerated in front of their daughters, is imprinted deep within me and has altered my DNA.
  2. Each of the seventeen tribunals during a long period burned annually, on an average, ten miserable beings!
  3. In choosing a hypothesis there is no virtue in being timid. I clearly would have been burned at the stake in another age.
  4. For years the league has thought I've been on drugs. I would have burned out a long time ago if that was true.
  5. One half -conscious thought was burned in my mind: stay on your feet.

Translations for burned:

Arabic word for Burned


Dutch words for Burned

gebrand, verbrand, geblakerd, aangebrand.

German word for Burned


Greek word for Burned


Hindi word for Burned

जला दिया.

Italian word for Burned


Japanese word for Burned


Javanese word for Burned


Malay word for Burned


Polish word for Burned


Portuguese word for Burned


Romanian word for Burned


Russian word for Burned


Spanish words for Burned

incendiado, quemado, incinerado, Brent.

Swedish word for Burned


Tamil word for Burned


Turkish word for Burned


Ukrainian word for Burned