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Correct spelling: chosen


Definition of chosen:

  1. Select; choice.

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This graph shows how "chosen" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for chosen:

  1. She had thought that maybe her aunt's influence might be all that was necessary, provided Maggie should care to be chosen as some one's possible daughter.
  2. Many are forced to make their homes in regions which they would not have chosen if they had been free to do as they pleased.
  3. " Of course," replied mamma, " that must not be forgotten;" and material for a pretty frock was chosen.

Quotes for chosen:

  1. The language fictional characters use is chosen for effect, at least if the author is concentrating. - John M. Ford
  2. The problem with Bush is that yes, he's religious in a fundamentalist sort of way, they read the Old Testament as a sort of charter for the chosen people to do what they like. - Bruce Kent
  3. The vehemence with which certain critics have chosen not simply to criticize what I've written, but to challenge my writing this story at all, speaks of what the book is about: fear of disapproval. - Joyce Maynard
  4. A smile is the chosen vehicle of all ambiguities. - Herman Melville
  5. Well, I make every song I sing personal. I've never chosen a song that wasn't. - Carly Simon

Rhymes for chosen:

  1. ambrosian, unfrozen.
  2. frozen, rosen.

Idioms for chosen:

  1. the chosen few
  2. Many are called but few are chosen
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