How To Spell foremost?

Correct spelling: foremost

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What is the definition of foremost?

  1. prominently forward; "he put his best foot foremost"

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What are the translations for foremost?

Bengali word for Foremost


Chinese word for Foremost


Dutch words for Foremost

belangrijkst, voorste, vooral, bovenal, allereerst.

French words for Foremost

principal, fondamental, avant tout, central, crucial, cardinal.

German words for Foremost

vital, erst, vorderste, fundamental, primordial, Premier.

Greek word for Foremost

απ ´όλα.

Hindi word for Foremost

सबसे महत्वपूर्ण.

Italian word for Foremost


Japanese words for Foremost

屈指, 最前, 最重要の.

Korean word for Foremost


Malay word for Foremost


Norwegian word for Foremost


Polish word for Foremost


Portuguese words for Foremost

dianteiro, maior, melhor, primeiro, primeiramente, em primeiro lugar, essencial, sobretudo, primacial, maiores, mais proeminente, basilar, precípuo, primal, antes de qualquer coisa.

Russian word for Foremost

в первую очередь.

Spanish words for Foremost

primero, principalmente, más destacado, al frente.

Swedish word for Foremost


Tamil word for Foremost


Turkish word for Foremost


Ukrainian word for Foremost


Vietnamese word for Foremost

quan trọng nhất.