How To Spell manual?

Correct spelling: manual

What is the definition of manual?

  1. a small handbook


God is with us
Manual as a boy's name is a variant of Emmanuel (Hebrew), and the meaning of Manual is "God is with us".

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What are the rhymes for manual?

  1. annual;
  2. emanuel, emmanuel;

What are the translations for manual?

Bengali word for Manual


Dutch words for Manual

handleiding, handboek, gebruiksaanwijzing, handmatig, manueel, gebruikershandleiding.

French words for Manual

brochure, manuel, notice.

German words for Manual

Anleitung, Guide, Handbuch, Bedienungsanleitung, Betriebsanleitung, manuell, Leitfaden, Dienstvorschrift, Manual, Gebrauchsanweisung, Fibel, handwerklich, händisch.

Hindi word for Manual


Italian word for Manual


Japanese words for Manual

マニュアル, 手動による, 手引書, 入門, 必携, どくほん, しゅどうによる, 道しるべ, 道導, 読本, 入門書, にゅうもん, にゅうもんしょ, ひっけい, 教則本, 便覧, きょうそくぼん, とくほん, べんらん.

Polish words for Manual

instrukcja, ręczny, podręcznik, poradnik, manualny.

Russian words for Manual

руководство, инструкция, ручной, учебник, мануал, физический.

Vietnamese word for Manual

sách hướng dẫn.