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Correct spelling: perception

Common misspellings for perception:

percestion, preseption, percention, peseption, persetion, perspetion.


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This graph shows how "perception" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for perception:

  1. Even to appreciate the importance of this fact, he insisted, one must have read the early English poets with perception and taste. –  by
  2. That, of course, would always help him, her perception of the necessity for care. –  by
  3. Even then O'Day's perception was dull. –  by

Quotes for perception:

  1. Being famous hasn't changed my perception of myself- I've just grown up.
  2. I've never personally criticized anyone else's music, but I know that the public's real problem is not the music I make but the perception that I play simple music for money only and for the notoriety and to increase my popularity.
  3. It's incredible considering the public perception that he was tight fisted and he was more than prudent, and lacked ambition to take Tottenham to where the fans wanted them to be.
  4. For whatever be the knowledge which we are able to obtain of God, either by perception or reflection, we must of necessity believe that He is by many degrees far better than what we perceive Him to be.
  5. Our perception of songs that we've written... the meaning changes from day to day... to whatever stage we're at in our life and careers.