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How To Spell pipe?

Correct spelling: pipe

What are the misspellings for pipe ?

  • spiper,
  • pompe,
  • pepley,
  • tipp,
  • pire,
  • pipp,
  • cipy,
  • hpope,
  • pepple,
  • papel,
  • yeppie,
  • hipie,
  • popel,
  • picae,
  • pupet,
  • poppie,
  • pooop,
  • piep,
  • purpoe,
  • peuple,
  • pike,
  • purpo,
  • popeol,
  • eurpope,
  • poppe,
  • piepe,
  • paople,
  • peaope,
  • pepeol,
  • piwer,
  • kipp,
  • pepel,
  • ohpe,
  • papaer,
  • pipol,
  • peploe,
  • pise,
  • tippe,
  • pide,
  • yippe,
  • papre,
  • phiip,
  • popety,
  • pizzey,
  • pime,
  • vipe,
  • tipe,
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  • poepel,
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  • peive,
  • pixe,
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  • pgae,
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  • papeer.

What is the definition of pipe?

  1. transport by pipeline; of oil, water, gas, etc.

What does the abbreviation pipe mean?

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What are the quotes for pipe?

  1. I've played in pipe bands in Scotland, and I've always played guitars and drums and stuff.
  2. Mainly I was able to perform with music- I played the French horn, I would sing, and I was a drummer in the pipe band. So I think it was a way to show off.
  3. I'd better be on the road, or I'll be going nuts. I'm not the kind of guy who sits around with a pipe and slippers watching soap operas.
  4. No matter how carefully you plan your goals they will never be more that pipe dreams unless you pursue them with gusto.
  5. I checked out all types of tobacco trying to find one that would be easiest to live with, I ended up using pipe tobacco. It burned slower, and it wasn't as harsh on my throat... It also smelled better.

What are the rhymes for pipe?

  1. stipe, lipe, type, swipe, gipe, hype, gripe, ripe, shipe, stripe, wipe, snipe, sipe, syp, tripe;
  2. overripe;

What are the translations for pipe?

Afrikaans word for Pipe


Arabic word for Pipe


Chinese words for Pipe

管道, 管材, 管子, 煙斗, 喉管, 水龙, 管龠.

Dutch words for Pipe

buis, leiding, kanaal, pijp, pijp.

French words for Pipe

acheminer, tuyau, conduit, canalisation, canal, conduite, manchon, tubulure.

German words for Pipe

leiten, Leitung, Schlauch, Rohr, Tube, Weiterleitung, Pipe, Pfeife, Flöte, pfeifen, Rohrleitung, Leitungsrohr, Lunker, Tabakspfeife, Rotzkocher, Signalpfeife, Trichterlunker, Saugtrichter, Tabakpfeife, Verkettungszeichen, flöten, Rohre verlegen, piepsen, paspelieren, durch ein Rohr leiten, piepsend sprechen, Flöte spielen, in Rohren leiten, tubulär.

Greek word for Pipe


Hindi word for Pipe


Italian words for Pipe

condotta, condotto, tubatura.

Japanese word for Pipe


Malay word for Pipe


Norwegian word for Pipe


Polish words for Pipe

rura, boru.

Portuguese words for Pipe

conduta, cachimbo, tubagem, duto, veio.

Russian words for Pipe

труба, трубопровод, курительная трубка, свирель, дудка.

Spanish words for Pipe

conducto, tubo, pipa, canalizar, llevar por oleoducto, caño, cachimba, flauta.

Swedish word for Pipe


Ukrainian word for Pipe