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How To Spell propose?

Correct spelling: propose

Definition of propose:

  1. make a proposal, declare a plan for something

List of misspellings for propose:

  • purpoose,
  • propos,
  • propossal,
  • propser,
  • proporty,
  • parapharse,
  • prepsre,
  • prope,
  • prposes,
  • prevouse,
  • protoss,
  • prophosy,
  • prepuse,
  • prehapse,
  • propesed,
  • proupouse,
  • proprose,
  • prupose,
  • proposa,
  • propmise,
  • proposel,
  • propor,
  • prepone,
  • prchase,
  • puspose,
  • eproposal,
  • purtpose,
  • propasl,
  • repurpose,
  • purprose,
  • procsse,
  • purporse,
  • popose,
  • pirpose,
  • praposal,
  • proporly,
  • propouse,
  • putpose,
  • propoal,
  • prochoice,
  • propbem,
  • purppose,
  • propsal,
  • propitoer,
  • propore,
  • perpuse,
  • proupose,
  • proposeing,
  • propolis,
  • propaty,
  • propoals,
  • propousal,
  • perhapos,
  • propoose,
  • proposewd,
  • propoesed,
  • previpuse,
  • pruposes,
  • proposaed,
  • proopsed,
  • proposla,
  • porpoues,
  • propsose,
  • proposle,
  • propsper,
  • propopsal,
  • propiate,
  • propuses,
  • pressupose,
  • perpose,
  • perhapse,
  • purpopse,
  • proposol,
  • parapro,
  • provoce,
  • propposal,
  • prodoce,
  • propites,
  • procousce,
  • propare,
  • prpose,
  • prowse,
  • propse,
  • propur,
  • puropuse,
  • procoess,
  • proporsed,
  • puprpose,
  • purpase,
  • porpuse,
  • prophsy,
  • prosse,
  • propsel,
  • proport,
  • porpose,
  • propers,
  • propory,
  • puropose,
  • precouse,
  • proplis.

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Rhymes for propose:

  1. snows, boes, throws, sews, o's, pros, nose, lows, throes, boase, joes, bows, foes, moes, chose, close, vose, crose, blows, lowes, bose, mose, toes, hoes, ngos, pose, beaus, slows, shows, jos, those, owes, flows, grows, tows, gose, prose, ose, ohs, goes, rows, roes, noes, woes, cose, knows, doze, glows, bowes, hose, rose, rohs, pows, froze, lo's, clothes, sows, brose, crows;
  2. oppose, forgoes, repose, enclose, impose, tarots, expose, transpose, suppose, plainclothes, dubose, compose, dispose, stavros, depose, bestows, foreclose, disclose, arose;
  3. juxtapose, decompose, reimpose, presuppose, interpose, predispose;
  4. overexpose, superimpose;

Translations for propose:

Arabic word for Propose


Bengali word for Propose

উত্থাপন করা.

Chinese words for Propose

提出, 提出建议, 建白.

Dutch words for Propose

stel, voorstellen, aanzoek doen, ten huwelijk vragen, opperen, voorleggen.

French words for Propose

proposer, proposé.

German words for Propose

beantragen, unterbreiten, empfehlen, vorschlagen, anregen, einen Antrag machen, einen Antrag stellen.

Greek word for Propose


Hindi word for Propose

का प्रस्ताव.

Italian word for Propose


Japanese word for Propose


Korean word for Propose


Malay word for Propose


Marathi word for Propose

प्रस्ताव द्या.

Norwegian word for Propose


Portuguese word for Propose


Romanian word for Propose

a propune.

Spanish word for Propose


Swedish word for Propose


Tamil word for Propose


Turkish word for Propose

teklif etmek, önermek.

Ukrainian word for Propose