How To Spell really?

Correct spelling: really

What is the definition of really?

  1. With actual existence; in truth.

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What are the quotes for really?

  1. I'm really not that special. Really, I'm not. I was on a big TV show, but it was just a TV show.
  2. I always thought I was a singer, but I really am not.
  3. I was not really as good as I should have been.
  4. I was really tired of words like 'plus size,' 'round' and 'large.' I thought, 'Come on, we're fat.'
  5. What we do and say and show really matters.

What are the rhymes for really?

  1. sheely, shealy, swahili, kealy, healy, freely, keeley, keely, feely, sealey, kealey, lealie, greeley, mealy, seely, greely, neely, kiely, steely, seeley;
  2. lillie, silly, lilley, gillie, gilly, chili, willie, lilli, tilley, lilly, lili, willi, demille, tilly, phillie, willey, willy, filly, philly, chile, billy, dilly, milly, tillie, illy, frilly, gilley, hilly, villi, bily, billie, rylee, millie, lily, milley, chilly;
  3. ideally, chantilly, achille;

What are the translations for really?

Afrikaans words for Really

absoluut, regtig.

Arabic word for Really


Bengali word for Really


Chinese words for Really

的确, 其实, 着然, 信然, 未免, 真正地.

Dutch words for Really

werkelijk, inderdaad, eigenlijk, feitelijk, in werkelijkheid.

French words for Really

enfin, vraiment, certainement, effectivement, authentiquement.

German words for Really

richtig, wirklich, eigentlich, wahrlich, gar, effektiv, regelrecht, echt, sehr, wahrhaftig, unbedingt, geradezu, ausgesprochen, wahrhaft, bannig, veritabel.

Italian words for Really

certamente, davvero.

Japanese words for Really

本当に, 実に, ほんとに, ほんとうに, まことに, いかにも, 熟, じつに, 殆, 洵に, げに, 真逆, 山山, 現に, 超, やまやま, しんに, 如何にも, げんに, 寔に, なにとも, ほとほと, 全くもって, 實に.

Javanese word for Really


Norwegian word for Really


Polish words for Really

naprawdę, faktycznie.

Portuguese words for Really

verdadeiramente, simplesmente, deveras.

Spanish words for Really

verdaderamente, realmente, muy, sinceramente, francamente, puramente, efectivamente, de veras, genuinamente, seriamente, auténticamente, originalmente.

Swedish word for Really


Turkish word for Really

Gerçekten mi.

Ukrainian word for Really