How To Spell rally?

Correct spelling: rally

What is the definition of rally?

  1. Act of rallying.

What does the abbreviation rally mean?

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What are the rhymes for rally?

  1. sally, halley, lally, galley, halle, verbally, bally, mally, galli, hally, talley, sallie, cally, valli, valley, dally, salley, vallee, sallee, raley, tally;
  2. cali, alie, vitale, allie, calley, alli, alley;
  3. mcnally, finale, vitaly;

What are the translations for rally?

Afrikaans word for Rally


Catalan word for Rally


Dutch words for Rally

verzameling, bijeenkomst, zich scharen, demonstratie, opleving, verenigen, verzamelen, herenigen, bijeenkomen, kracht geven, opleven, bijeenbrengen.

French words for Rally

reprendre, regrouper, rassembler, réunir, rebond, rassemblement, mobiliser, rallier, se mobiliser, se reprendre.

German words for Rally

zunehmen, herstellen, Erholung, Meeting, Zusammenkunft, Demonstration, Markterholung, Kundgebung, Rallye, um sich scharen, Manifestation, Sternfahrt, Massenkundgebung, Ballwechsel, sich zusammenscharen, Massenversammlung.

Greek word for Rally


Hindi word for Rally


Italian words for Rally

manifestazione, raduno.

Japanese words for Rally

ラリー, 集会, 大会, たいかい, もりかえす, 鳩合, 決起集会, 糾合, まきかえす, けっきかい, けっきしゅうかい, 盛り返す, 立直す, きゅうごう, 立て直す, 立てなおす, もりたてる, 決起会, 守り立てる, たてなおす, 巻き返す.

Malay word for Rally


Marathi word for Rally


Polish word for Rally


Portuguese words for Rally

corrida, encontro, rally, rali, comício, corrida de automóveis, protesto, correr em rali.

Russian words for Rally

митинг, авторалли.

Spanish words for Rally

alentar, carrera, subida, mitin, marcha, recuperarse, reponerse, fortalecer, convocar, manifestación, movilizar, repunte, peloteo, congregación, concentrarse, pelotear, reanimar.

Swedish word for Rally


Tamil word for Rally


Turkish words for Rally

Miting, ralli.

Ukrainian word for Rally


Vietnamese word for Rally

cuộc mít-tinh lớn.