How To Spell real?

Correct spelling: real

What is the definition of real?

  1. Actual, not imaginary or merely apparent.

What does the abbreviation real mean?

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What are the rhymes for real?

  1. he'll, teall, teale, squeal, niel, peele, beil, meal, beall, neil, seel, peel, diel, deal, peale, neill, veal, neal, smeal, wheel, steal, we'll, teal, cele, gilles, creel, spiel, teel, scheele, zele, beal, seal, steel, heel, steele, heal, neale, kneel, neall, neile, mele, peal, ciel, neel, zeal, weil, kiel, reel, deel, eel, shiel, deale, leal, skeel, riel, keel, beale, she'll, feel;
  2. o'neill, cecile, savill, macneal, emile, anneal, ferrill, genteel, o'neal, verrill, unreal, adriel, shaquille, brasil, mcneil, congeal, conceal, lucille, reseal, mcneal, oneal, nevil, repeal, ideal, morrill, puerile, mcneill, abele, appeal, unseal, lucile, ordeal, macneill, corneal, emil, surreal, camille, reveal;
  3. averill, villarreal;
  4. automobile;

What are the translations for real?

Afrikaans word for Real


Arabic word for Real


Bengali word for Real


Chinese words for Real

真正的, 现实, 确, 真格, 真性, 扎扎实实.

Dutch words for Real

waar, wezenlijk, werkelijk, reëel, daadwerkelijk, onvervalst, heus.

French words for Real

effectif, authentique, grave, concret, certain, vrai, tangible, indexé.

German words for Real

richtig, wirklich, eigentlich, real, effektiv, regelrecht, echt, total, original, reell, wahr, Echte, Wirkliche, ausgesprochen, wahrhaft, veritabel, richtiggehend.

Hindi word for Real


Italian words for Real

grande, reale, vero, effettiva.

Japanese words for Real

リアル, 実際にある, じっさいにある, 実際に有る, 実在の.

Javanese word for Real


Korean word for Real


Malay word for Real


Norwegian word for Real


Polish words for Real

rzeczywisty, faktyczny, prawdziwy, realny.

Portuguese words for Real

sério, boa, efectiva, efetivo, verdadeira, eficaz, autêntico, existentes, essencial, reais, clara, efetiva, tangíveis, genuíno, palpável, efetivas, palpáveis, verídico, lídimo.

Russian word for Real


Spanish words for Real

fidedigno, reales, importante, puro, muy, efectivo, sincero, verdadero, auténtico, concreto, existente, natural, genuino, realista, veraz.

Vietnamese word for Real

có thực.