How To Spell relief?

Correct spelling: relief

What does the abbreviation relief mean?

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What are the rhymes for relief?

  1. chief, neef, leif, leaf, keefe, reif, lief, grief, seif, brief, thief, rief, sheaf, fief, keeffe, reef, naef, beef;
  2. debrief, sharif, belief, o'keefe, o'keeffe, saif, massif, matif, motif;
  3. disbelief;

What are the translations for relief?

Afrikaans words for Relief

verligting, reliëf.

Arabic word for Relief


Dutch words for Relief

ondersteuning, steun, hulp, bijstand, uitkomst, verlichting, reliëf, opluchting, bestrijding, verlossing, ontheffing, aflossing, ontlasting, soelaas, afleiding, bevrijding, vrijstelling, verademing, geruststelling, verzachting.

French words for Relief

secours, dispense, assistance, aide, exemption, divertissement, adoucissement, soulagement, apaisement, libération.

German words for Relief

Hilfe, Befreiung, Entspannung, Wohltat, Abhilfe, Relief, Entlastung, Erleichterung, Linderung, Ablösung, Steuerermäßigung, Ermäßigung, Entsetzung, Entsatz.

Italian word for Relief


Japanese words for Relief

救援, 救済, 救助, 浮き彫り, 安心, 安堵, 浮彫り, 浮彫, 援護, 休神, きゅうご, 休心, 援兵, えんぺい, 浮き彫, うきぼり, きゅうしん, きゅうさい, きゅうえん, あんしん, あんど, 安神, 掩護.

Korean word for Relief


Malay word for Relief


Norwegian word for Relief


Polish words for Relief

ulga, rzeźba terenu, odciążenie, zapomoga, ukojenie, płaskorzeźba, odsiecz, złagodzenie.

Portuguese words for Relief

alívio, ajuda, auxílio, cancelamento, franquia, desagravamento.

Romanian word for Relief


Russian word for Relief


Spanish words for Relief

alivio, socorro, ayuda, relieve, relevo, descarga, asistencia, descanso, consuelo, rescate, sustituto, respiro, desagravio, desahogo, desgravación.

Swedish word for Relief


Tamil word for Relief


Turkish word for Relief


Vietnamese word for Relief

sự khuây khỏa.