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How To Spell song?

Correct spelling: song

Definition of song:

  1. a very small sum; "he bought it for a song"

List of misspellings for song:

  • sond,
  • foung,
  • sog,
  • choosong,
  • psync,
  • sone,
  • oong,
  • soking,
  • sendig,
  • uoung,
  • gonig,
  • rsync,
  • seieng,
  • sange,
  • smong,
  • snger,
  • soone,
  • snoke,
  • showng,
  • singk,
  • ong,
  • somng,
  • seindg,
  • gorng,
  • messng,
  • snog,
  • songer,
  • songe,
  • giong,
  • sponk,
  • aong,
  • shownig,
  • spoung,
  • knowng,
  • sony,
  • joung,
  • steong,
  • snugg,
  • sitng,
  • sinlge,
  • sooni,
  • losong,
  • seungri,
  • stonig,
  • spirng,
  • donig,
  • long,
  • senca,
  • seekng,
  • scoing,
  • dongo,
  • sienc,
  • stang,
  • soug,
  • yong,
  • phuong,
  • spang,
  • sinec,
  • sounth,
  • sounf,
  • stong,
  • storng,
  • besenji,
  • soing,
  • singd,
  • qxsync,
  • soni,
  • soono,
  • sangeetha,
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  • hong,
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  • sownd,
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  • synogog,
  • cong,
  • secong,
  • sonci,
  • poung,
  • swowng,
  • yonng,
  • toung,
  • suond,
  • rong,
  • woung,
  • scna,
  • zonc,
  • singke,
  • sking,
  • sysnc,
  • uisng,
  • swong,
  • saynig,
  • saiyng,
  • surroung.

What does the abbreviation song mean?


Song as a girl's name.

Related words for song

Kim Sol-song


Kim Jong-il's daughter

Kim Sol-song, is the daughter of North Korea's former leader Kim Jong-il and Kim Young-sook. She has reportedly been active within the propaganda department, been in charge of literary affairs, and in charge of the security and schedule of her father as his secretary.

Song Hae


South Korean host

Song Hae is a South Korean host and singer. He is currently a host of the music show National Singing Contest.

Song Jiaoren


Political leader

Song Jiaoren was a Chinese republican revolutionary, political leader and a founder of the Kuomintang. He was assassinated in 1913 after leading his Kuomintang party to victory in China's first democratic elections.

Song Weilong


Chinese actor

Song Weilong is a Chinese actor and model.

Song Zuying


Chinese singer

Song Zuying is a Chinese singer and member of the Communist Party of China.

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Quotes for song:

  1. I think differently, I think it's about reaching everybody on every different plane and every different level, and if I could remix the song and do a dance remix, that's great. If I could do a classical version, that'll be great too. It's all just about expression.
  2. I don't care how good a song is- if it holds back the storyline, stalls the plot, your audience will reject it.
  3. You can keep rummaging around until you find a song you like, but you can't predict whether it'll hit or not.
  4. Sometimes I will click on a random sequence of notes- not to actually use it in a song, but to see if I can find maybe a simple pattern that I can build off of.
  5. Three things are needed for a good life, good friends, good food, and good song.

Rhymes for song:

  1. throng, quang, gong, chong, long, wrong, thong, mong, sprong, kong, cong, aung, tong, wong, spong, hong, kyong, jong, yong, hmong, prong, rong, strong, ong, pong;
  2. zedong, luong, along, sarong, lifelong, phuong, belong, yearlong, prolong;
  3. vietcong;

Translations for song:

Arabic word for Song


Bengali word for Song


Chinese words for Song

歌, 歌曲, 音乐, 歌词, 乐曲, 歌子, 歌儿.

Dutch words for Song

zang, gezang.

French word for Song


German words for Song

Nummer, Schlag, Lied, Gesang, Song.

Italian words for Song

canzone, brano, pezzo.

Malay word for Song


Polish word for Song


Romanian word for Song


Russian word for Song


Spanish words for Song

tema, canto, cántico, trino.

Swedish word for Song


Turkish word for Song


Ukrainian word for Song


Vietnamese word for Song