How To Spell speed?

Correct spelling: speed

What does the abbreviation speed mean?


good fortune
Speed as a boy's name is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Speed is "good fortune". In the past, the phrase "God speed" meant "My God bring you good fortune". Now speed is used to mean swiftness.

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What are the rhymes for speed?

  1. heed, cede, teed, hamid, precede, kneed, succeed, sneed, fede, stampede, friede, misread, mead, seed, walid, feed, rasheed, bead, he'd, freed, plead, misdeed, leed, reid, read, skied, waleed, mislead, nead, shaheed, supersede, swede, screed, knead, dede, steed, brede, deed, recede, tweed, wied, ede, we'd, reseed, indeed, meade, lipide, impede, keyed, saeed, bleed, proceed, need, reread, rashid, bede, lead, snead, weed, secede, greed, creed, reed, breed, fried, she'd;
  2. concede, agreed, degreed, decreed, gilead, exceed, elide, accede;
  3. disagreed, aristide, guaranteed, intercede, overfeed;

What are the translations for speed?

Arabic word for Speed


Chinese words for Speed

速度, 超速, 速率, 车速, 快慢, 驰, 奔驰, 驰鹜.

Dutch words for Speed

snelheid, spoed, haast, vaart, rijsnelheid.

French words for Speed

rythme, cadence, vitesse, allure, amphétamines, train, rapidité, vélocité.

German words for Speed

Gang, Fahrt, flitzen, beschleunigen, Geschwindigkeit, Schnelligkeit, eilen, Eile, Empfindlichkeit, rasen, sausen, heizen, Speed, Drehzahl, zu schnell fahren, Schnelle, Fahrgeschwindigkeit, Umdrehungszahl, Lichtstärke, Aufnahmegeschwindigkeit, Bahngeschwindigkeit, Lichtempfindlichkeit, Fixigkeit, schnell fahren, rasch fahren.

Italian words for Speed

passo, velocità, rapidità, celerità.

Japanese words for Speed

速度, スピード, 速さ, 早さ, 車速, 速力, ちそく, シャブ, そくりょく, はやさ, しゃそく, そくりょくど, 速力度.

Javanese word for Speed


Malay words for Speed

Tempo, Kelajuan.

Portuguese words for Speed

engrenagem, velocidade, celeridade, ir depressa.

Russian words for Speed

высокоскоростной, быстрота, скоростной, быстродействующий.

Spanish words for Speed

prisa, ritmo, paso, marcha, correr, velocidad, rapidez, acelerar, celeridad.

Swedish word for Speed


Vietnamese word for Speed

sự nhanh nhẹn.