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Correct spelling: supervisor


Definition of supervisor:

  1. An overseer; an inspector.

Common misspellings for supervisor:

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Examples of usage for supervisor:

  1. I'd pulled in from Vesta late one afternoon, got my pass as usual from the Robot Supervisor and gone over to Van Ness Avenue when I saw immediately that something was the matter with Elizabeth. "The Love of Frank Nineteen" , David Carpenter Knight.

Quotes for supervisor:

  1. When you were a volunteer for the Bush -Cheney campaign, you came in the morning; you had a supervisor who gave you a list of calls to make and a time to do it in. - Ed Gillespie
  2. Any supervisor worth his salt would rather deal with people who attempt too much than with those who try too little. - Lee Iacocca
  3. To spend this particular year reading essays to Dennis Robertson as one's supervisor, and, simultaneously, enjoying membership of the group round Keynes was indeed an intellectual treat. - James Meade
  4. Grissom comes from a place where we know he had a deaf mother, he was raised in a silent household, on some level, had a father who potentially was not around and he learned what he knew by himself in the back yard, with bugs and animals. He's not comfortable being a supervisor and that's his problem. - William Petersen
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