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How To Spell variety?

Correct spelling: variety

List of misspellings for variety:

  • viariety,
  • verety,
  • varitys,
  • veritfy,
  • varirity,
  • varienty,
  • vality,
  • avriety,
  • cariety,
  • wirite,
  • varirty,
  • varerty,
  • veritey,
  • variou,
  • vartiety,
  • veritiy,
  • varites,
  • varitry,
  • vearied,
  • varitty,
  • varistiy,
  • variatiy,
  • varitity,
  • varietie,
  • vaerity,
  • varried,
  • variery,
  • rarirty,
  • chariety,
  • vaarsity,
  • veried,
  • varrity,
  • virity,
  • lariet,
  • warraty,
  • warrety,
  • varmit,
  • variarity,
  • varided,
  • vaorite,
  • vriarty,
  • verite,
  • variate,
  • vvariety,
  • variaty,
  • vatiety,
  • vairety,
  • variette,
  • variator,
  • variiety,
  • veriety,
  • voriity,
  • warinitee,
  • varoety,
  • varioty,
  • warret,
  • varyed,
  • warintee,
  • varity,
  • vanitiy,
  • vierity,
  • veririty,
  • variity,
  • varid,
  • varitety,
  • vaeriety,
  • garity,
  • veritety,
  • vairiety,
  • viraty,
  • veriaty,
  • avariety,
  • varitie,
  • verybody,
  • verifey,
  • variatey,
  • vareity,
  • varierity,
  • varety,
  • varioety,
  • varey,
  • varifed,
  • varite,
  • varfied,
  • varieaty,
  • varient,
  • verioty,
  • warrinty,
  • variued,
  • bariety,
  • hariett,
  • varyity,
  • varieti,
  • viraety,
  • varietly,
  • varafie,
  • viality,
  • charitey,
  • variey,
  • virute.

Related words for variety

Batley Variety Club


Batley Variety Club was a variety club in Batley, West Yorkshire, England. During its heyday the club staged concerts by performers including Louis Armstrong, Shirley Bassey, Tom Jones, Roy Orbison, Eartha Kitt, Morecambe and Wise, Gene Pitney, Neil Sedaka, Ken Dodd and many more.

Carousel of Variety


1955 film

Carousel of Variety is a 1955 Italian musical film directed by Aldo Bonaldi and Aldo Quinti and featuring a number of performers in a revue-style show.

Variety 7


Television series

Variety 7 is an Australian television series which aired from 1963 to 1964 on Melbourne station HSV-7. Hosts during the run included Ron Bond, Michael Cole, and Bill Collins.

Variety Child Learning Center


School in Syosset, New York

Variety Child Learning Center also known as VCLC is an approved private school on Long Island. VCLC is a 501 not for profit center providing special education programs and therapeutic services for children who reside in Nassau, Suffolk and New York City, with developmental and learning disabilities, including autism, along with programs and support services for families, and training for professionals.

Variety Time


1948 film

Variety Time is a 1948 American variety film directed by Hal Yates. The film is a composite of two film shorts interspersed with routines by Jack Paar and musical numbers lifted from various RKO productions.

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Translations for variety:

Afrikaans word for Variety


Arabic word for Variety


Catalan word for Variety


Chinese words for Variety

花色, 异种, 品色.

Dutch words for Variety

soort, ras, verandering, waaier, scala, diversiteit, verscheidenheid, variëteit, afwisseling, variatie, veelzijdigheid.

French words for Variety

gamme, richesse, choix, multitude, variétés.

German words for Variety

Vielfalt, Auswahl, Serie, Abwechslung, Zucht, Art, Sorte, Variante, Vielzahl, Unterschiedlichkeit, Vielfältigkeit, Varietät, Mannigfaltigkeit, Verschiedenartigkeit, Verschiedenheit, Vielgestaltigkeit, Exemplar, Spielart, Abart, Unterart, Type, Assortiment.

Japanese words for Variety

種類, バラエティ, バラエティー, 種々, 多様性, 一種, 色とりどり, ヴァラエティ, 減り張り, せんぱん, かわりだね, 色取り取り, 変わり種, めりはり, メリハリ, へんか, へんけい, べっしゅ, 変り種, 乙張り, くさぐさ, 種種, せんせん, いろとりどり, ちぢ, たようせい, 変型, 別種, 乙張, しゅじゅ, ヴァリエティ, 千千.

Malay word for Variety


Norwegian word for Variety


Polish words for Variety

gatunek, różnorodność, odmiana, rozmaitość, urozmaicenie.

Portuguese words for Variety

variedade, espécie.

Romanian word for Variety


Russian words for Variety

разнообразие, множество.

Spanish words for Variety

gama, variedad, cepa, clase, abanico, surtido, diversidad.

Swedish word for Variety


Turkish word for Variety


Vietnamese word for Variety

sự đa dạng.