How to Pronounce lac?

Correct pronunciation for the word "lac" is [lˈak], [lˈak], [l_ˈa_k].

What are the misspellings for lac?

"Lac" in context

Lac is a type of glossy, resinous substance secreted from lac insects. It is a natural polymer that is composed primarily of polyester alcohols and esters. Lac is commonly used in traditional medicine, cosmetics, and art, and is commercially harvested for making a variety of products. Among its medical benefits, it may help to reduce inflammation and boost the immune system. In cosmetics, it is used in nail care and hair products to promote healthy nails and hair. Lac is also a substance with a long history of use in art; India and other countries have used it extensively in jewelry and decoration.

What are similar-sounding words for lac?


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