Correct spelling for AN'T

We think the word an't is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for an't

  • act With him to feel was to act.
  • aft Calling Julius aft to strike a light for him, he went into the cabin and tried to read, leaving the man-of-war's man to sail the schooner, which he was able to do without help from anybody.
  • alt "It was such a good forgery," observed the doctor, "that even Alt himself could hardly swear that it was one."
  • an You pay an Imperialista!
  • ana Leaving at ten next morning, we skirted Santa Ana, and, having passed through San Pablo, came out upon the banks of the Sawapa.
  • ans Ans. An inductor, because it is that part of the electric circuit in which induction takes place.
  • ant The Ant got up on the branch and was saved.
  • ante The evidence of language is irrefragable, and it is the only evidence worth listening to with regard to ante-historical periods.
  • anti Herzl's contact with anti-Semitism dated back to his student days, when it had first taken on the form of a social political movement.
  • any "Don't come any other way.
  • apt Besides, this sudden change of his spots on the part of the poet is unfair to the publisher, who is thus apt to find himself surprised out of his just gain.
  • art O Sirion, Sirion, Art thou afraid?
  • at He could not understand Barebone at all.
  • aunt I can help Aunt Mary, too.
  • azt On September 14, 1989, seven ACT UP members infiltrated the New York Stock Exchange and chained themselves to the VIP balcony to protest the high price of the only approved AIDS drug, AZT.
  • cant This set him above the very pinch of want, and that was all; but his fidelity and industry in these mean employments procured him such esteem amongst those in power there, that they soon took him into their ministry, and appointed him an under-keeper to those disorderly persons who were brought in every night and are called, in their cant, "rats."
  • kant It may be better expressed indirectly; thus Plato's weak point is exactly that in which Aristotle is strong, and vice versa; and so, too, Kant is deficient just where Goethe is great.
  • nt [ Nt 1] In 2016, Adient announced plans to move its global operating headquarters to the Marquette Building in Detroit, but canceled those plans as of June 2018.
  • pant And the measures to be adopted to restrain it, and to curb the young warriors on both sides, who pant for fame and scalps, must ever remain, to a great extent, ineffective and temporary, so long as they are not backed up by strong lines of military posts.
  • rant Otway pleased without rant; and so might Dryden have done, if he had possessed the powers of Otway.
  • tnt Come Together: A Night for John Lennons Words and Music is a 2001 television program tribute to John Lennon aired on both TNT and The WB.
  • want I want to speak with you.
  • Ain't If it ain't Mrs. Lambert to the life I'll eat my hat.
  • And I know it was John, and I could not speak to him!"
  • Ann Raggedy Ann knows, for she is stuffed with nice clean white cotton and is very wise!"
  • Can't "No; you know I can't.
  • Nat "Now then," said Nat, "here's five dollars, whatever will be over the price of the clothes I am sure I owe you-" "Five dollars!"
  • Amt Arcadia Group, a British retail company Arcadia Machine & Tool, commonly known as AMT, an American firearms company Arcadia Publishing, a United States publisher of local community histories Arcadia University, Glenside, Pennsylvania
  • Ants And yet others resemble ants which are often rejected by birds, reptiles and other insects.
  • INT struct B { // default access modifier inside struct is public void set_n(int v) { n = v; } void f() { cout << "B::f" << endl; } protected: int m, n; // B::m, B::n are protected private: int x; }; struct D : B { using B::m; // D::m is public int get_n() { return n; } // B::n is accessible here, but not outside // int get_x() { return x; } // ERROR, B::x is inaccessible here private: using B::f; // D::f is private }; int main() { D d; // d.
  • ONT "'C'est dans la ville de Rouen, Ils ont fait un pate si grand, Ils ont fait un pate si grand, Qu'ils ont trouve un homme dedans!'"

7 words made from the letters an't

3 letter words made from an't:

'at, tan, 'nt, ant, n't, 'an.

4 letter words made from an't:


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