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How To Spell facts?

Correct spelling: facts

List of misspellings for facts:

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  • facuty,
  • facotrys,
  • factes,
  • faact,
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What does the abbreviation facts mean?

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Plastic Facts


Album by Freddy Moore

The Nu Kats - Plastic Facts recorded at Studio Orange, mixed at The Music Grinder Hollywood in 1980. Produced by Larry Lee

The Facts of Life Goes to Paris


American television film

The Facts of Life Goes to Paris is a 1982 American made-for-television comedy film based on the sitcom The Facts of Life starring Charlotte Rae, Lisa Whelchel, Kim Fields, Mindy Cohn and Nancy McKeon.

The Facts: A Novelist's Autobiography


Book by Philip Roth

The Facts: A Novelist's Autobiography is a book by Philip Roth that traces his life from his childhood in Newark, New Jersey to becoming a successful, widely respected novelist.

Walter Veith



Walter Julius Veith is a South African zoologist and a Seventh-day Adventist author and speaker known for his work in nutrition, creationism and Biblical exegesis with the Amazing Discoveries media ministry and on their international television network found in North America on Galaxy 19.

Worcester Tornadoes


Baseball team

The Worcester Tornadoes were a professional baseball team based in Worcester, Massachusetts, in the United States. The Tornadoes were a member of the Canadian-American Association of Professional Baseball, an independent baseball league which is not affiliated with Major League Baseball.

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Rhymes for facts:

  1. pax, saxe, exacts, maxx, packs, bax, retracts, slacks, blacks, yax, trax, backs, hacks, jaques, wax, rax, quacks, sachs, knacks, tracks, tacks, relax, pretax, ax, knick-knacks, extracts, whacks, cracks, plaques, lacks, reacts, lax, dax, acts, fax, smacks, axe, tracts, sax, tax, snacks, macs, pacs, max, racks, jacks, enacts, dacs, impacts, sacs, pacts, stacks, vax, flax, sacks;
  2. contracts, distracts, detracts, compacts, attracts, attacks;
  3. reenacts, interacts;

Translations for facts:

Dutch words for Facts

gegevens, feiten, wetenswaardigheden, zekerheden, werkelijkheden, realiteiten, waarheden.

French words for Facts

faits, réalités.

German words for Facts

Sachverhalt, Sachverhalte, Daten, Gegebenheiten, Tatsachen, Sachlage, Fakten, Tatbestand, Tatsachenmaterial.

Spanish words for Facts

datos, hechos, acontecimientos, circunstancias, realidades.