How To Spell joy?

Correct spelling: joy

What does the abbreviation joy mean?


Joy as a girl's name is pronounced joy. It is of Old French and Latin origin, and the meaning of Joy is "joy". Used in the Middle Ages, and made popular in the 17th century under the influence of the Puritans, to whom being "joyful in the Lord" was an important duty. In modern times, it generally signifies the parents' joy in their new-born child, or with the intention of wishing her a happy life. Joya and Joie (zhoh-EE, z'wah) are French.
  • Gioia,
  • Joie,
  • Joya,
  • Joyanna,
  • Joice,
  • Jioia,
  • Joia,
  • Gioya,
  • Joi,
  • Joye,
  • Joyelle,
  • Joyann,
  • Joyanne.

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What are the rhymes for joy?

  1. oy, oi, oie, neu, roy, foy, floy, doi, coye, croy, soy, troy, woy, stoy, roi, joye, oye, goy, toy, yoy, hoy, coy, loy, hoi, moy, boy, ploy, cloy;
  2. deploy, annoy, savoy, destroy, bolshoi, elroy, mccoy, enjoy, malloy, employ, decoy;
  3. illinois, redeploy;

What are the translations for joy?

Arabic word for Joy


Chinese words for Joy

乐趣, 娱乐, 禧, 悰.

Dutch words for Joy

plezier, vreugde, genoegen, genot, geluk, blijdschap, vrolijkheid, levensvreugde, blijheid.

French words for Joy

placer, prêt, bonheur, joie, plaisir, gaieté.

German words for Joy

Freude, Wonne, Entzückung.

Italian word for Joy


Japanese words for Joy

ジョイ, きえつ, 愉悦, きんえつ, 欣悦, 快哉, 喜悦, ゆえつ.

Javanese word for Joy


Malay word for Joy


Norwegian word for Joy


Portuguese words for Joy

gosto, deleite, alegrar-se, prazer, felicidade, regozijo, satisfação, júbilo, contentamento, deleitamento, deleitação, comprazimento.

Romanian word for Joy


Russian word for Joy


Spanish words for Joy

regalo, alegría, gusto, júbilo, satisfacción, entusiasmo, delicia, felicidad, gozo, dicha, agrado, regocijo.

Vietnamese word for Joy

sự vui mừng.