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How To Spell justice?

Correct spelling: justice

Definition of justice:

  1. A judge.

List of misspellings for justice:

  • justefie,
  • justifi,
  • justies,
  • justefice,
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What does the abbreviation justice mean?

 \j(u)-sti-ce, jus-tice\

Justice as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Justice), is pronounced JUSS-tus. A virtue name. The cardinal virtues are prudence, fortitude, temperance, and justice.

Related words for justice

Dark Justice


American drama series

Dark Justice is an American crime drama television series about a judge who becomes a vigilante by night so that he can bring high-level offenders who use technicalities to "escape" the legal system to what he calls "dark justice."

Justice Christopher


Nigerian soccer player

Justice Longs Christopher is a Nigerian football player, who plays for Nasarawa United F.C.

Mercenary for Justice


2006 film

Mercenary for Justice is an action film starring Steven Seagal, and also starring Luke Goss and Roger Guenveur Smith. It was released direct-to-video on April 18, 2006. Principal photography was on location in Cape Town, South Africa.

Steele Justice


1987 film

Steele Justice is a 1987 film written and directed by Robert Boris and starring Martin Kove, Sela Ward, and Bernie Casey.

Steve Justice


Football player

Steven Justice is an American former college and professional football player who was a center in the National Football League and United Football League. He played college football for Wake Forest University, and earned consensus All-American honors.

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Examples of usage for justice:

  1. Edna trembled in her shoes at what might be awaiting her, and when her aunt called her solemnly to her room the child felt as if she were going before a dreadful court of justice

Rhymes for justice:

  1. justus, gustus;
  2. augustus, injustice;

Translations for justice:

Afrikaans word for Justice


Arabic word for Justice


Dutch words for Justice

justitie, rechtvaardigheid, gerechtigheid, rechtspleging, rechtmatigheid.

French word for Justice


German words for Justice

Recht, Gerechtigkeit, gerecht, Justiz, rechter.

Greek word for Justice


Hindi word for Justice


Italian word for Justice


Japanese words for Justice

正義, 公正, ジャスティス, 公義, 公平, 大義, ぜ, とうひ, 公道, ほうもう, 当否, 正大, 法網, 公明.

Javanese word for Justice


Malay word for Justice


Norwegian word for Justice


Romanian word for Justice


Russian words for Justice

правосудие, юстиция.

Spanish word for Justice


Tamil word for Justice


Turkish word for Justice


Vietnamese word for Justice

công lý.