How To Spell natural?

Correct spelling: natural

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What are the rhymes for natural?

  1. unnatural;
  2. supernatural;

What are the translations for natural?

Afrikaans word for Natural


Arabic word for Natural


Bengali word for Natural


Chinese words for Natural

自然, 天然, 自然的, 大大方方, 自然人, 雍容.

Dutch words for Natural

gewoon, normaal, natuurlijk, vanzelfsprekend.

French words for Natural

simple, sauvage, naturel, physique, spontané, propres.

German words for Natural

normal, logisch, unbefangen, angeboren, naturbelassen, naturbedingt, leiblich, Brut, naturgetreu, naturgegeben, naturhaft.

Greek word for Natural


Italian word for Natural


Japanese words for Natural

ナチュラル, 当然, 尤も, さら, 無理のない, なま, むりからぬ, 御尤も, ごもっとも, しぜんてき, ご尤も, とうぜん, むりのない, 新, 理の当然, 無理からぬ, せいとくてき, 生得的, りのとうぜん, てんい.

Javanese word for Natural


Malay word for Natural


Polish word for Natural


Russian words for Natural

природный, естественный, натуральный, прирождённый, необработанный.

Spanish words for Natural

bruto, crudo, natural, innato, naturales, biológico, espontáneo.

Swedish word for Natural


Ukrainian word for Natural


Vietnamese word for Natural

tự nhiên.