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How To Spell past?

Correct spelling: past

List of misspellings for past:

  • posst,
  • pastey,
  • ceast,
  • ptsd,
  • thsat,
  • paymet,
  • opast,
  • mpost,
  • ppast,
  • gast,
  • posta,
  • piest,
  • daysto,
  • pastue,
  • keast,
  • opiset,
  • spost,
  • juast,
  • puest,
  • 1part,
  • narsty,
  • pasced,
  • pasma,
  • parst,
  • plust,
  • surpast,
  • passwrd,
  • deast,
  • paystub,
  • pursut,
  • pastle,
  • wast,
  • opasite,
  • poost,
  • palt,
  • posativ,
  • thast,
  • paket,
  • epost,
  • kast,
  • pastate,
  • apst,
  • pased,
  • pastie,
  • pastuer,
  • part2,
  • plost,
  • pozest,
  • paymt,
  • paast,
  • piost,
  • pleast,
  • peste,
  • tast,
  • pakista,
  • jast,
  • passd,
  • eeast,
  • preast,
  • postr,
  • pasotr,
  • pasify,
  • pasy,
  • pacekt,
  • asut,
  • pust,
  • postyou,
  • painst,
  • saposto,
  • potaot,
  • opissit,
  • part1,
  • epasod,
  • iast,
  • pastdue,
  • pact,
  • suposto,
  • patato,
  • usato,
  • vaastu,
  • prist,
  • pasis,
  • pesty,
  • pakcet,
  • supost,
  • nast,
  • putsit,
  • persuit,
  • eaist,
  • passort,
  • rast,
  • pestie,
  • pasant,
  • paest,
  • last,
  • paart,
  • psab,
  • sapost,
  • pasce,
  • pasient.

What does the abbreviation past mean?

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Folon is the fourth studio album from Malian artist Salif Keita. It was released in 1995 by Mango and produced by Wally Badarou, except for tracks 5, 7 and 9 by Jean-Philippe Rykiel.

My Past and Thoughts


Book by Alexander Herzen

My Past and Thoughts is an extensive autobiography by Alexander Hertzen, which he started in early 1850s and continued to expand and revise throughout his later life.

Past the Shallows


Novel by Favel Parrett

Past the Shallows is a novel by Australian author Favel Parrett. It was shortlisted for the 2012 Miles Franklin Award. It has been published in Australia, the UK, the US, Germany and Italy.

The Little World of the Past


Novel by Antonio Fogazzaro

The Little World of the Past is an 1895 novel by the Italian writer Antonio Fogazzaro. It was the author's most successful work, considered to be his "masterpiece". Fogazzaro finished the first draft in 1884, and spent the next decade revising it. The novel has an alpine backdrop, and is set in the 1850s during the Risorgimento. Fogazzaro modelled the two protagonists after his parents.

Walking Past the Future


2017 film

Walking Past the Future is a 2017 Chinese drama film directed by Li Ruijun. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.

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This graph shows how "past" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Translations for past:

Afrikaans word for Past


Arabic word for Past


Chinese word for Past


Dutch words for Past

over, voorbij, afgelopen, verleden, eerder, vroeger, voormalig, verleden tijd.

French words for Past

ancien, dernier, derniers, vécue.

German words for Past

nach, Geschichte, letzte, bisherig, ehemalig, Dossier, Vorgeschichte, einstig, vorig, längs, Vergangenheit, vergangen, vorbei, Vorleben, beendet, anterior.

Greek word for Past


Hindi word for Past


Italian word for Past


Javanese word for Past


Korean word for Past


Malay word for Past

Masa lalu.

Marathi word for Past


Norwegian word for Past


Polish words for Past

przeszłość, przeszły.

Portuguese words for Past

antigo, passado, passada, história, ultrapassado, antigas, transacto, antiga, antigos, pretéritos, transcorrido, pregressa, decorrido, pretérito.

Romanian word for Past


Russian words for Past

прошедший, прошлое, минувший, мимо, прошедшее, былое, прошедшее время.

Spanish words for Past

antecedentes, antiguo, pasado, historial, historia, por delante de, transcurrido.

Swedish word for Past


Vietnamese word for Past

đã qua.