How To Spell rip?

Correct spelling: rip

What does the abbreviation rip mean?


Rip as a boy's name. Invented name made famous by actor Rip Torn, who was originally called Elmore. Rip van Winkle is the famous fictitious man who slept for twenty years in Washington Irving's tale.

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What are the rhymes for rip?

  1. lip, grip, quip, flip, slip, clip, snip, ship, gyp, hippe, sip, kipp, sipp, ip, pip, hipp, lipp, pipp, skip, scrip, kip, blip, tripp, zipp, zip, tip, strip, crip, yip, nip, ripp, drip, tipp, trip, nipp, skipp, dip, whip, chip, hip;
  2. outstrip, unzip, equip;
  3. microchip;

What are the translations for rip?

Arabic word for Rip


Bengali word for Rip


Dutch words for Rip

scheuren, verscheuren.

French words for Rip

rive, arracher.

German words for Rip

Schlitz, auftrennen, Riss, aufreißen, Sicke, Kabbelung.

Greek word for Rip


Hindi word for Rip

उसकी आत्मा को शांति मिले (RIP.

Italian words for Rip

strappare, riva.

Japanese words for Rip

裂け目, リップ.

Javanese word for Rip


Korean word for Rip

(물건을) 잡아 찢다.

Malay word for Rip


Polish word for Rip


Portuguese words for Rip

rasgar, fenda, esfarrapar, ripar, lacerar, rasgadela.

Romanian word for Rip

a rupe.

Spanish words for Rip

rasgo, romper, rotura, arrancar, extraer, desgarro, desgarrar, copiar, desgarrón, desgarrarse, rasgarse, rasgadura.

Tamil word for Rip


Turkish word for Rip

Huzur içinde yatsın.

Ukrainian word for Rip


Vietnamese word for Rip

xé toạc.