How To Spell rumble?

Correct spelling: rumble

What is the definition of rumble?

  1. make a low noise, as of thunder

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What are the quotes for rumble?

  1. I wouldn't dream of working on something that didn't make my gut rumble and my heart want to explode.

What are the rhymes for rumble?

  1. umbel, stumble, trumbull, trumble, tumble;
  2. fumble, mumble, humble, grumble, crumble, bumble, jumble;

What are the translations for rumble?

Arabic word for Rumble


Bengali word for Rumble

গুড়গুড় শব্দ.

Chinese words for Rumble

隆隆, 叽哩咕噜, 隆隆声.

Dutch words for Rumble

rommel, gerommel, dreun, gebrom, gedonder.

French words for Rumble

gronder, grondement, bagarre, rame, gargouillement, gargouiller.

German words for Rumble

aufdecken, grollen, rumpeln, knurren, Schlägerei, poltern, rumoren, grummeln, kollern, durchschauen, Müller.

Hindi word for Rumble


Japanese word for Rumble


Korean word for Rumble

우르릉거리는 소리.

Malay word for Rumble


Polish word for Rumble


Portuguese words for Rumble

estrondo, rombo.

Spanish words for Rumble

ruido, redoble, retumbar, resonar, trueno, estruendo, rumor, retumbo, ruido sordo, retronar, ruido de fondo.

Tamil word for Rumble


Turkish word for Rumble


Ukrainian word for Rumble


Vietnamese word for Rumble

tiếng sôi trong bụng.